Lean GU900 Seamless Coverage Solution

Lean GU900 Seamless Coverage Solution

Refarming from GSM to UMTS on the golden 900 MHz spectrum is flourishing worldwide. GU 900 MHz greatly improves network capacity and network coverage. With good coverage performance on all spectrums, U900 is also the basic voice and data network for LTE fallback. In addition, the Huawei Lean GU900 solution increases spectral efficiency. With its advanced interference cancellation technology, Huawei is able to deploy GU co-networks on a 6 MHz bandwidth and provide excellent user experience, which help carriers maximize 900 MHz spectral efficiency.

Customer Value


Better Coverage

The U900 provides better performance in indoor deep coverage and wide coverage


Higher Spectral Efficiency

The Lean GU900 solution effectively increases the spectral efficiency of golden 900 MHz


Improved Voice Experience

The U900 provides better voice experience than G900


Higher Network Capacity

The U900 increases network capacity by effectively releasing suppressed data traffic