PRS: Maximizing MBB Network Values

PRS: Maximizing MBB Network Values

As MBB networks evolve to provide more services, network structures become more complex. Network operation and maintenance (O&M) face network performance and resource challenges. Huawei has launched the PRS, an MBB network visibility tool that works as an end-to-end (E2E) visualized platform from RAN to PS CN. The PRS helps operators gain insight into Huawei MBB networks; comprehensively and accurately analyzes the network, service, user, and terminal aspects of MBB networks; assists in MBB network planning more efficiently; and supports MBB experience-based network deployment to maximize MBB network values.

Customer Value


Performance analysis expert

Quickly locates KPI problems and monitors key events in real time


Visualized user experience

Identifies and analyzes rate differences to help operators improve user experience


Visualized service traffic

Collects traffic statistics from the user, terminal, and application aspects to help operators formulate and optimize differentiated service policies