Indoor Digitalization Solution

Indoor Digitalization Solution

MBB development drastically drives up data service demands. A huge portion of data services are performed indoors, making it imperative to improve indoor radio network quality and capacity. To meet the challenge, Huawei provides the LampSite solution that consists of two new devices, RHUB and pRRU, alongside BBU and DCU (required only for GSM) and uses optical fiber and Ethernet cables for the CPRI connections. This solution requires few modules and easily satisfies indoor radio network capacity and coverage demands. Its features include: huge capacity, flexible configuration, and simple engineering.

Customer Value


Increasing Indoor MBB Traffic

Helps increase downlink and uplink traffic to above 300%


Improving the Indoor Service Experience

Helps improve indoor coverage performance to above 80%


Facilitating New Service Growth

Uses Service Anchor to support new services like indoor positioning