VoLTE Provides Optimal Voice Experience

VoLTE Provides Optimal Voice Experience

In the future, mobile voice services will continue to be one of the main sources of operators' revenue. As the next logical step in the future of voice technology evolution, VoLTE provides the ultimate voice experience and brings more business values to operators. As the leading ICT vendor, Huawei is devoted to providing the best end-to-end VoLTE solution based on cloud architecture. VoLTE can be easily deployed and maintained and provides innovative multimedia services, helping operators smoothly evolve from 2G and 3G voice communications to 4G converged communications.

Customer Value


Providing Excellent User Experience

The quality of VoLTE services is much higher than that of GSM or UMTS HD voice services. The VoLTE call delay is less than 1/3 of CS call delay in GSM or UMTS networks, greatly improving the user experience


Increasing Spectral Efficiency

Regarding voice services, the spectral efficiency of LTE networks is far higher than that of traditional GSM or UMTS networks. In addition, VoLTE deployment effectively reduces network costs


Stimulating More Services

The LTE differentiated service experience stimulates more services and generates more Out-of-Bundle revenues for operators who charge subscribers based on call duration