6 Sector Capacity Enhance solution

6 Sector Capacity Enhance solution

With the rapid development of networks and intelligent terminals, the growing number of MBB users results in more network congestions. The traditional way of solving this problem is to add carriers, and then add sites. Due to limited spectrums and difficult site acquisition, the multi-sector solution has become the optimal choice for carriers to effectively relieve network congestion without the need for additional spectrums or sites. In 2014, Thailand AIS chose the Huawei 6-sector solution for its entire network, the first of many international 6-sector deployments. In 2015, the 6-sector solution was adopted worldwide, helping more than 70 carriers chose it to improve network capacity. The effects and gains of 6-sector deployment have been widely recognized by carriers.

Customer Value


Coverage Gains

In a newly-built site, coverage radius can be increased, or the number of sites in a specified area can be reduced. In an existing site, wide coverage is not limited, and deep coverage can be effectively improved


Capacity Gains

Greatly suppress interference and improve network capacity of densely-populated urban areas


Stable KPIs

After multiple successful trials, this mature solution ensures stable network performance