UMTS Dual-HD Experience Solution

UMTS Dual-HD Experience Solution

Over a decade of development has allowed UMTS networks to progressively mature into a crucial MBB infrastructure for global voice and data services in the immediate future. Along with operators, chip suppliers and industry standard organizations, Huawei operates to promote the evolution of traditional UMTS networks to the best UMTS networks through modern solutions. By reconstructing and optimizing live UMTS networks through technical innovations, Huawei UMTS Experience Enhancing Solution improves spectral efficiency, network coverage, and cell-edge user rate. This provides UMTS subscribers with LTE reminiscent services such as ubiquitous HD voices and HD video.

Customer Value


RNC Functionality

Breakthrough protocol limitation, build better voice experience.


Radio Resource Management

Build experience as the RRM optimization target, improve resource efficiency.


Network Structure

Build site coordination, boost cell edge speed.