Managing Customer Experience Service


Managing Customer Experience Service

Communications Service Providers are undergoing many threats from non-traditional mobile Internet provider’s such as Google providing “Balloon” internet services coverage through to OTT enterprises providing services that impact traditional revenue streams (Skype and WhatsApp). To combat these threats CSPs need to differentiate their offering and engender brand loyalty.   Managing the customer’s experience touch-points throughout their complete Lifecycle Journey with the CSP is acknowledged as providing that key differentiation to establishing that loyalty.

Huawei fully understands this and has been working tirelessly with Tier 1 operators to ensure that we bring the Industries best practices to help CSPs perform their User-centered operational transformation. By improving interdepartmental processes and closing the loop between Network operations and other more customer focused parts of the organization the operator ensure that the customer’s experience is focal point to everything they do.

Huawei’s managing customer experience service uses the customer lifecycle journey analysis framework based on industry standards in association with our subjective and objective indicators to quantify the user experience. Utilizes this insight to realize user-centric operations and improve operational efficiency thereby enabling revenue growth.

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