System Integration Service


System Integration Service

To achieve ROADS experience, we shall synchronize the operations transformation and ICT infrastructure transformation for synergy. Considering the large number of partners among the ecosystem, the transformation process is not an easy way, and a single vendor cannot deliver a complete set of business solution. Huawei is committed to becoming carriers' long-term partner. Through industry collaboration, we will work with carriers to resolve the problems may arise to realize business value.

Through consulting & system integration, Huawei will work with carriers and the entire industry to re-architect the operations and infrastructure. We will consolidate our own internal product capabilities, fully cooperate with industry partners, align with carriers' different strategies, and provide the best-fit solution both for short term and long term goals, through consulting & system integration, ultimately to facilitate carriers' transformations and achieve the business outcomes of transformation. We have already established a new business unit dedicated to IT consulting & system integration services. Over the next three years, Huawei will invest US $350 million in developing methodologies, tools, and platforms for operations and ICT infrastructure restructuring, and consulting and system integration services.  

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