MWC Shanghai 2023 - Huawei


Huawei invites you to join us at MWC Shanghai 2023

At the event, we will explore the GUIDE business blueprint and more, focusing on how we can more effectively work together to thrive in the intelligent world.


Warm-up Video for WinWin Live

Business is seeing tremendous growth in the 5G era. CXO customers from global carriers will join the WinWin high-level interviews in Shanghai to share their best practices of business success in the 5G era. Together, we will head towards an even more prosperous 5.5G era.

Points of view

Sabrina Meng

Deputy Chairwoman,
Rotating Chairwoman,
CFO, Huawei

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Li Peng

Corporate Senior Vice President,
President of the Carrier BG,

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Peter Zhou

President of Huawei IT Product Line

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Liu Kang

President, Global Carrier Marketing & Solution Sales, Huawei

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Steven Zhao

Vice President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line

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George Gao

President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line

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Yang Chaobin

Board Member, President of ICT Products & Solutions, Huawei

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Bruce Xun

Vice President of Huawei Global Technical Service Dept

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Gan Bin

Vice President of Huawei Wireless Product Line

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Bruno Zhang

CTO of Huawei Cloud

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Richard Jin

President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line

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China Mobile & ETSI Interview: Building the World's Largest NFV Network and Evolving Towards the Next Golden Decade

On the 10th anniversary of NFV, China Mobile reviewed the great achievements of NFV network evolution and looked forward to the next golden decade of NFV with ETSI.

e& Group: Moving ahead in its ambitions to be a global technolgy Group

Highlighting its transformation efforts into a global technology and investment conglomerate, e& has achieved remarkable business growth, e& will continue to digitalize and transform their operation by improving productivity, customer experience and efficiency, promoting sustainability across region. Obaid Bokisha, the Chief Operations Officer of e& Group, is here to share the company's digital transformation journey.

Connected Everything - Creating infrastructure to foster innovation

As NBN provider in Bahrain, BNET ensures high quality services are available to every home & business. Mr. Ahmed Aldoseri, CEO of BNET is sharing how BNET is fostering innovation for digital economic growth of Bahrain.

Striving for Excellence and Building a 5G Industry Hub

Xu Mengqiang, General Manager of China Mobile Ningbo is here to share how China Mobile Ningbo shoulders the responsibilities of actively implementing the "Six New Actions" to help Ningbo turn into a 5G industry hub.

Premium Experience of 5G Advance in HK

HKT is a world-leading mobile operator and a pioneer in 5G era. Sheldon, CTO of HKT, and Chen Hao, president of global sales dept. of Huawei, visited WinWin Live to share 5G business success experience and look forward to the new era of 5G-A.

Striding Towards the 5.5G Era

With commercial success already achieved four years after its launch, 5G is moving towards its next phase – 5.5G. Huawei executive and GSMA analysis will share the value, change and key technology of 5.5G at WinWin Live.

Value and Evolution of Mid-band Spectrum

Mid-band spectrums such as 2.3 GHz, 2.6 GHz, and 3.5 GHz have continuously consolidated network performance and user experience for 5G. Accelerating assignments and evolution of mid-band will continuously unlock the value of spectrum in the future.

香港 5G Advance 初体验

香港电讯(HKT)是全球领先的移动通信运营商,是5G网络建设的先行者, 也是5G创新业务的引领者。HKT是如何在5G发展中取得商业成功的?对未来5G-A有何展望?作为HKT的战略合作伙伴,华为在HKT的5G商业成功中起了什么作用?在2023MWC上海大会期间,HKT首席技术官Sheldon Yau和华为全球销售部总裁陈浩做客WinWin高端访谈,分享5G商业成功的经验,并共同展望5G新阶段。

Product & Solution Innovation Launch

Launch 1

Huawei Launched 5GigaGreen Innovations to Promote Ultimate Network Performance and Energy Saving

At MWC Shanghai 2023, Huawei launched 5GigaGreen innovations for wireless communications to promote ultimate network performance and energy saving with global operators.

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Launch 2

Huawei Releases Innovative Practices of IntelligentCore, Fast-Tracking 5G Business Success

At the Huawei Product & Solution Innovation Launch conference held during MWC Shanghai 2023, Huawei released its innovative practices of IntelligentCore.

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Launch 3

Huawei Launches Four Intelligent OptiX Innovative Practices of F5.5G, Accelerating 10Gbps Take-off

At the Huawei Product & Solution Innovation and Practice launch event held during 2023 MWC in Shanghai, Huawei took the opportunity to launch four Intelligent OptiX innovative practices of F5.5G, in scenarios of smart home, small and micro enterprises, smart manufacturing and metro network.

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Launch 4

Huawei Releases Innovations and Practices with Its Digital Managed Network Solution, Inspiring New B2B Service Growth for Carriers

At Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2023 (MWCSH 2023), Huawei launched a product & solution innovation and practice sharing event.

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Launch 5

Huawei Releases Range of Innovative Practices to Help Carriers Build Trustworthy Data Infrastructure

Huawei announced a series of new products and solutions, such as container storage, AI storage, and OceanDisk Smart Disk Enclosure at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2023.

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Launch 6

Huawei Unveils ICT Service and Software Innovations and Practices Aimed at Empowering Industrial Intelligent Digital Transformation

At the MWC Shanghai 2023, Huawei hosted a product and solution press conference, where they unveiled their latest innovations and practices in ICT services and software aimed at empowering industrial intelligent digital transformation alongside with global carriers and industrial partners.

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