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WinWin Issue 43

Voices from Industry

By Steve Ng
Managing Director of Commercial Group, HKT
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HKT Is Leveraging 5G and Emerging Technologies to Accelerate the Digital Economy

--Smart city, digital transformation and 5G are key factors driving Hong Kong's economic and technological development, and are contributing to maintaining its position as a leading city in Asia. As a fixed and 5G mobile network service provider, HKT plays a significant role in enabling new and innovative services and use cases that incorporate emerging technologies, which are capable of driving Hong Kong's growing economy. Steve Ng, Managing Director of HKT Commercial Group, talked to WinWin about the company’s efforts to deliver new benefits to enterprises in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong government has published Smart City Blueprint 2.0, which provides a roadmap for smart city development based on six pillars: Smart Mobility, Smart Living, Smart Environment, Smart People, Smart Government and Smart Economy. All these pillars are crucial for the citizens and the development of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government established the Digital Economy Development Committee to accelerate progress towards these goals and the digital economy.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong's enterprises have embarked on an era of digital transformation, using digital technologies to revolutionize their business operations. During the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises needed to find new ways to engage with their customers and employees, highlighting the importance of digital transformation. Therefore, HKT leverage 5G and integrate various technologies such as cloud computing, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), to assist enterprises accelerating digital transformation in order to meet the constantly evolving market challenges. In addition to Hong Kong enterprises, many multinational and regional enterprises choose HKT’s diverse range of solutions for its high-quality, reliable services, including MPLS, premium internet, SDWAN and enterprise managed services (EMS) to support their expansion in mainland China.

HKT is leveraging 5G and emerging technologies to drive digital transformation

With the 5G technology, HKT is well-positioned to offer enterprises innovative solutions for achieving digital transformation. 5G is a super enabler for innovation, that provides high bandwidth, low latency and massive connectivity, which can help enterprises make breakthroughs in their operation. In Hong Kong, many enterprises are exploring ways to leverage the integration of different technologies, including 5G, AI and cloud computing to drive digital transformation.

HKT has years of experience in system integration, and increasingly providing integrated solutions for enterprises embarking on digital transformation. HKT understands the importance of integrating all the pieces to form a complete solution, as enterprises and customers are not just buying technologies, but solutions. Over the years, HKT has seen a growing demand for our unique integrated fixed-mobile solutions across different industries that incorporate 5G connectivity with smart city and various digital solutions.

The highly competent team at HKT provides comprehensive support to enterprises throughout the digital transformation process, from consultancy to implementation and service delivery. In the smart healthcare industry, we help healthcare organizations transform the way they deliver their services to citizens. For instance, HKT deploys 5G connectivity antennas in hospital operating theaters to transmit high fidelity 4K video that can integrate with medical equipment such as an endoscope, or smart glasses worn by the surgeon. We then transmit all this video from the 5G network to a senior medical specialist who can help by giving advice to the doctor conducting the surgery. This enables us to provide a more higher-quality healthcare service to citizens.

With the 5G technology, HKT is well-positioned to offer enterprises innovative solutions for achieving digital transformation. 5G is a super enabler for innovation, that provides high bandwidth, low latency and massive connectivity, which can help enterprises make breakthroughs in their operation.

Another example is how HKT can help enterprises achieve digital transformation in the construction industry. With many construction sites in Hong Kong, engineers need to use their tablet computers and their digital devices to access digital resources such as video and drawings when they are on the site. However, poor connectivity on those construction sites can be a major problem. With 5G, HKT can provide reliable connectivity to enable instant access to these resources. Additionally, 5G allows us to provide new capabilities such as surveillance using 5G cameras and IoT solutions, which can help to improve the safety of workers on construction sites. These capabilities would not be easily available without new technologies like 5G. As a result, 5G is becoming increasingly important for construction sites to achieve digital transformation and improve their operations.

HKT is also enabling digital transformation in the areas of smart campus and smart buildings. By building 5G connectivity in campus buildings, HKT can provide tenants with reliable access to 5G connectivity. Additionally, HKT can enable innovative solutions within the buildings themselves, such as optimizing energy savings. With HKT advanced AI-based energy-saving algorithms, we can help buildings minimize energy use, which can benefit both building tenants and owners.

HKT differs from other traditional system integrators in driving enterprise digital transformation

There are many innovations in driving digital transformation across various industries. HKT is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions, leveraging emerging technologies to help enterprises achieve breakthroughs in their operations and unlock new opportunities for growth.

HKT differs from traditional system integrators in several ways. For instance, we have a professional technical consulting team in our organization that visits customers, understands their requirements, and develop integrated solutions tailored to their needs. In this way, we can identify customers' pain points and deliver customized solutions, fostering a deeper understanding of the latest technologies.

In addition to designing and implementing digital transformation solutions, HKT recognizes the importance of ongoing support services for customers. With talent shortages being a challenge in Hong Kong and worldwide, we understand the burden that customers may face in maintaining their operations. To address this, we offer managed services for our customers to ensure the smooth operation of the integrated solutions. By providing ongoing support, we enable our customers to enjoy hassle-free IT operations and focus on their core business.

At HKT, we believe that this ecosystem that supports enterprises is crucial for success. And at the same time, we also offer managed services for the government in order to accelerate the development of smart city in Hong Kong.

HKT partners with Huawei to leverage its technological strengths and ICT expertise

HKT has been partnering with Huawei for over 20 years and we recognize Huawei’s exceptional R&D capabilities and rich portfolio of solutions. We collaborate with Huawei in various areas including fiber networks, 4G and 5G networks, as well as solutions like cloud storage and Wi-Fi, and Huawei is a very strong partner of HKT in terms of delivering solutions to enterprises.

HKT also collaborates with Huawei on joint innovation initiatives. For example, we are currently developing an integrated connectivity platform based on 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and IoT to be at the forefront of ICT development. Looking to the future, we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Huawei, bringing new innovative solutions to benefit Hong Kong and the world.

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