Review - Better World Summit for 5G + AR

He Chengjian
Director of Shenzhen Communication Management Bureau

A single flower does not make spring. 5G+ AR industry players can complement each other to accelerate the development of the industry. Shenzhen hopes to faithfully serve enterprises and provides the best innovation platform for all industry players.

David MacQueen
Executive Director of Strategy Analytics

For good connectivity and a rich experience, 5G networks will be very important for AR devices.

Huang He
Chief AR Program Director of Shenzhen TV Station

Technology empowers content production,creating new possibilities.

Wei Rongjie
Realmax CEO

AR will not only augment reality; it will be key to the next phase of human civilization.

Hiroshi Fukuda

With the advent of the 5G era, the door to a new era of techno sports will open. HADO will continue to work with many global partners to create value-added AR entertainment and foster a global techno sports culture.

Liang Jinhao
Representative of HADO China Region

With the rapid development of 5G and AR technologies, HADO is the world's first technology sport to combine competitive sports with AR technologies. We look forward to working with our partners to create new e-sports, new sports and new industries belonging to the next generation.

Fu Jie
Executive Director of Shenzhen AR Association

One third of the upstream and downstream enterprises of AR industry in China are located in Shenzhen, which is conducive to the vigorous development and rapid spread of AR industry.

Bob Cai
CMO of Huawei Carrier BG

Huawei uses AR to "produce" and "produces" AR as well. Huawei makes AR application development easier and more efficient. AR and 5G are combining at the right time. 5G switches on AR, and AR lights up 5G.

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