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MWCS 2021

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Ryan Ding
Executive Director of the Board
President, Carrier Business Group Huawei
The Huawei 5GtoB Solution simplifies transactions for enterprise users, helps operators monetize their network capabilities, and allows partners to innovate more efficiently. The solution will create new value for every player across the industry value chain.
Sihan Bo Chen
Head of Greater China, GSMA
Although COVID-19 has greatly impacted the global economy and carriers' revenue, early-stage 5G services are still continually being launched. This is because connectivity plays a key role in combating COVID-19, and 5G has great potential to become the core infrastructure of digitization.
Dr. Chi Xu
Founder & CEO of Nreal
Leveraging the computing power of 5G phones, Nreal combines the high bandwidth and low latency of 5G with portable MR glasses to provide a seamless display experience. This solution brings success to 5G carriers in South Korea and Japan, and is being adopted by Europe and other APAC countries.
Rakesh Jain
Senior Vice President, Head of Global Network, Telenor Group
5G is part of our modernization journey, allowing us to deliver more for less and improve customer experience.
Telenor's 5G steps are value-driven. Our global scale brings great learnings and benefits across markets.
Liu Jianpeng
General Manager of China Unicom Shandong Dongying Branch
China Unicom has worked with Huawei and Shengli Oilfield to explore how 5G can digitize oilfields, improving O&M efficiency, cutting costs, ensuring workplace safety, and optimizing operations through data collection and remote operation of key equipment. The next step is to further explore 5G + AI.
Chang Wenzhuo
General Manager, Solution Department, China Telecom Guangdong
We have reached a point where information infrastructure is being migrated to 5G-based cloud networks to provide information infrastructure services centered on customer services. At the same time, the industrial Internet is about to drive the transformation of industrial infrastructure.
Prof. Dr. Prasit Watanapa
Dean, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Thailand
Due to its high speed, high reliability, and low latency, 5G promises to transform healthcare, especially in terms of allowing us to quickly send medical images to specialists and get their input on the treatment of patients as soon as possible.
Jacqueline Shi
Vice President of Cloud & AI BG,
President of the Cloud & AI BG Marketing Dept., Huawei
Digital transformation helps carriers develop ubiquitous computing capabilities, especially cloud capabilities, and aggregate ecosystem to enable industry transformation. Huawei is willing to work with carriers and partners to light up the dreams of new industry, making the most of the unique opportunities of the digital era.
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