MWC Barcelona 2024 - Huawei

MWC Barcelona 2024

Advancing the Intelligent World

February 26-29, 2024 | Barcelona



At MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei's Board Member and President of ICT Products & Solutions Yang Chaobin launched the industry's first telecom foundation model.
Huawei hosted the 5G Beyond Growth Summit at MWC Barcelona 2024 today. At the summit, Li Peng, Huawei's Corporate Senior Vice President and President of ICT Sales & Service discussed how carriers can achieve business...
At MWC Barcelona 2024, Li Peng, Huawei's Corporate Senior Vice President and President of ICT Sales & Service, delivered a keynote on the strategic new opportunities that will be open to the ICT industry in an intelligent world.
During MWC Barcelona 2024, Liu Kang, President of Huawei ICT Marketing & Solution Sales, delivered a keynote speech titled "Embracing 5.5G to Unleash Industry Dividends" at the 5G Advanced: Completing the Enterprise...


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Huawei Yang Chaobin: Telecom Foundation Model Accelerates Operator Intelligent Transformation

At MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei's Board Member and President of ICT Products & Solutions Yang Chaobin launched the industry's first telecom foundation model.

Huawei Unveils 8 5.5G Innovation Practices to Help Operators Start Commercial 5.5G Launch

At MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei unveiled 8 5.5G innovation practices to help operators build 5.5G multi-path target networks. Cao Ming, President of Huawei Wireless Solution, remarked that " As...

Huawei Launches the World's First 5.5G Intelligent Core Network, Advancing Towards an Intelligent World

During MWC 2024, Huawei held a new product solution launch event, where George Gao, President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line, released the 5.5G intelligent core network...

Huawei Launches Three Innovative All-Optical Products to Open Up F5.5G Commercial Use

During MWC24 Barcelona at Huawei Product and Solution Launch, Bob Chen, President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, launched the industry's first DC-oriented OTN product, OptiX...

Huawei Launches a Wide Range of Net5.5G Solutions to Inspire New Growth of Carriers

During MWC Barcelona 2024, the Net5.5G-oriented products and solutions were launched by the President of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line, Leon Wang. He noted that new...

Huawei Launches Three Innovative Data Storage Solutions for the AI Era

The Huawei Product and Solution Launch 2024 was held successfully at MWC Barcelona 2024. Dr. Peter Zhou, President of Huawei Data Storage Product Line, launched three innovative solutions aimed...

Adopt New Technology and New Mode to Drive New Growth, ICT Services & Software Enable Digital Intelligence Acceleration

At the Huawei Product & Solution Launch held during MWC Barcelona 2024, Bruce Xun, President of Huawei's Global Technical Service Dept, announced the launch of Huawei's digital intelligent series...

Huawei Cloud CTO Bruno Zhang: Building the Intelligent Cloud Foundation for Telcos with Systematic Innovation

At the Huawei Product & Solution Launch 2024 event during MWC Barcelona 2024, Bruno Zhang, CTO of Huawei Cloud, stated that, "Huawei Cloud is committed to building an intelligent cloud...

Huawei Launches Its Innovative Intelligent VPP and SmartDC Solutions to Accelerate Energy Transition for Greener ICT

At MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei successfully held the Product and Solution Launch. Fang Liangzhou, Vice President of Huawei Digital Power, released the latest "Site Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Distributed...

Points of View

The Huawei Telecom Foundation Model leverages Huawei's strengths in intelligent technology and offers two types of applications: role-based copilots and scenario-based agents. It will help carriers empower employees and improve user satisfaction, which will, in turn, improve network productivity.
We need to reshape interaction models, service processes, integration models, and system capabilities to shorten service TTM and improve operations efficiency and user experience. This will help operators achieve their strategic goal of L4 autonomy.

Yang Chaobin

Huawei's Board Member and President of ICT Products & Solutions

5.5G is entering commercial use this year. We'll see more possibilities for business innovation very soon. As 5.5G, AI, and cloud converge, carriers can unlock the potential of new applications and capabilities. Together, I'm confident we can unlock the potential of both 5G and 5.5G, and drive incredible new growth.

Li Peng

Corporate Senior Vice President, President of ICT Sales & Service, Huawei

5G has become a must for industry digitalization and that upgrading to 5.5G is expected to enhance network capabilities by 10-fold.
Supported by 5.5G's key features such as 10 Gbps downlink, 1 Gbps uplink, deterministic network, support for 100 billion IoT connections, and native intelligence, operators can provide enterprise users with better connectivity services and a wider range of integrated ICT services. Such services will effectively support the core production processes of enterprises, and enable the all-scenario connection of things and more reliable intelligent transportation, This, he noted, will accelerate intelligent digital transformation and further unleash industry dividends.

Liu Kang

President of ICT Marketing & Solution Sales, Huawei

As the 5.5G industry elements are fully ready, we officially enter the first year of 5.5G commercialization. Huawei full-series 5.5G products and solutions, with native Giga and native Green capabilities, help global operators to achieve all-band and multi-path evolution to 5.5G.

Cao Ming

President of Huawei Wireless Solution Product Line

With service intelligence, network intelligence, and O&M intelligence, 5.5G Intelligent Core unlocks new services, new experiences, new operations, and new O&M approaches, creating better business value.

George Gao

President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line

2024 is the first year of F5.5G commercial use, and fixed networks will take a new leap forward. Amid the development of 10G ultra broadband, Huawei released three innovative all-optical products: DC-oriented OTN product OSN 9800 K36, intelligent 10G OLT product MA5800T, and FTTR+X product iFTTR OptiXstar F50, helping operators build the F5.5G all-optical target network with “1+3+4” core features, continuously broaden service boundaries, and advance the intelligent world.

Bob Chen

President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line

New ultra-broadband applications have brought new opportunities. Carriers’ network need to continuously evolve towards Net5.5G with ubiquitous 10Gbps access, 400GE converged transport, hyper-converged data centers, and network autonomy self-optimization. Centering on “Bringing Net5.5G into Reality, Inspire New Growth”, Huawei has launched four solutions tailored to Net5.5G, covering mobile backhaul, enterprise campus, converged transport, and data center network, to fully support carriers' business success.

Leon Wang

President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line

AI powers data awakening and data assetization. Huawei Data Storage provides comprehensive storage solutions for all scenarios to help carriers build leading data infrastructure in the AI era.

Peter Zhou

President of Huawei Data Storage Product Line

In the era of intelligence, digital intelligence transformation can only be accelerated by combining AI technologies with telecom cognition and significant amounts of data from carriers. Huawei Services & Software apply AI technologies and new models to upgrade solutions, provide more energy-efficient and reliable networks, deliver better user experiences, and drive service innovation and business growth.

Bruce Xun

President of Huawei ICT Global Technical Service

Huawei Cloud is committed to building an intelligent cloud foundation for the telecom industry and accelerating intelligence across industries by systematic innovation that encompasses AI for Cloud and Cloud for AI.

Bruno Zhang

CTO of Huawei Cloud

Huawei Digital Power integrates digital and power electronics technologies to develop simplified and green sites, intelligent VPP solutions, and secure, reliable, integrated, simplified, and low-carbon data centers, helping carriers transform from energy consumers to consumers and producers.

Fang Liangzhou

Vice President of Huawei Digital Power

5G Beyond Growth

5G has been changing our daily lives immeasurably, generating thriving new services. Join us on the 5G journey and look forward to the infinite digital future that 5G brings.

Expanding business boundaries, Unleashing new growth in 5G

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