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MWC 2022


MWC 2022
Keynote Speech

Just look up! Let’s light up the future!

Keynote Speech by Guo Ping
Just look up! Let’s light up the future!
MWC 2022
GUIDE to the Future

MWC 2022
GUIDE to the Future
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Huawei invites you to join us at MWC Barcelona 2022

At the event, we will connect with industry experts and dive into industry trends and hot topics. Together, let's light up the future.


Warm-up Video for Lighting up the Future LIVE

40+ carrier executives, industry leaders, and KOLs from across the globe gathering in Barcelona, 5 hottest topics regarding the digital economy.

Points of View

Guo Ping

Deputy Chairman, Rotating Chairman, Huawei

Ryan Ding

Executive Director, President of the Carrier BG, Huawei

Peng Song

President, Carrier BG Marketing & Solution Sales Dept, Huawei

David Wang

Executive Director of the Board, Chairman of ICT Infrastructure Managing Board, Huawei

Dr. Philip (Xiaodi) Song

Chief Marketing Officer, Huawei Carrier BG

Peter Zhou

President of IT Product Line, Huawei

George Njuguna

CIO of Safaricom

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Dong Libin

Director, Huawei Cloud Computing Marketing Dept

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Steven Moore

Head of Climate Action, GSMA

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Luis Neves


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Li Huidi

Executive Vice President of China Mobile Communications Corporation

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Mallik Rao

Chief Technology & Information officer | Member of Executive board at Telefónica, Deutschland

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Daniel Piechocki of Orange Poland: Continuously advancing the green, energy-saving strategy

In early 2021, Orange Poland announced that it expected to reduce carbon emissions by 65% by 2025, compared with 2015 levels, and achieve net zero by 2040. How will Orange Poland achieve these targets? According to Daniel Piechocki, Director of Infrastructure and Services Maintenance, Orange Poland's green and energy-saving strategy consists of two parts. The first is the energy optimization plan launched in 2014. The second is based on Huawei Poland's green energy procurement plan. Orange Poland is taking practical measures to achieve its target of reducing carbon emissions by 65% by 2025.

Daniel Piechocki of Orange Poland: Continuously advancing the green, energy-saving strategy

In early 2021, Orange Poland announced that it expected to reduce carbon emissions by 65% by 2025, compared with 2015 levels, and achieve net zero by 2040. How will Orange Poland achieve these targets? According to Daniel Piechocki, Director of Infrastructure and Services Maintenance, Orange Poland's green and energy-saving strategy consists of two parts. The first is the energy optimization plan launched in 2014. The second is based on Huawei Poland's green energy procurement plan. Orange Poland is taking practical measures to achieve its target of reducing carbon emissions by 65% by 2025.

Orange's Hervé Suquet shares green development practices and calls for industry collaboration

In the Lighting up the Future Studio, Hervé Suquet, Orange's Senior Vice President of Energy, shared the group's green development practices. He explained how achieving net zero is a systematic project, requiring unremitting efforts and supplier support. Goals, plans, performance, and tools are all essential for the project.

Smart Axiata: Huawei's FWA Suite has made FWA service development simpler and more effective

Andrey Kuzin, CTO of Smart Axiata, and Mila Jivkova Kusheva, CMO of the company, attended Lighting up the Future Studio. During their interview, these guests indicated that using the right tools will make FWA service development easier and more effective. Huawei's FWA Suite is integrated with the carrier's upper-layer IT system, enabling one-click, zero-contact service application, quick service provisioning, and satisfactory user experience. These developments allow Smart Axiata to meet the increasing FWA service demands during the COVID-19 lockdown. The FWA Suite also powers enterprise digitalization and the deployment of industry private networks.

CTM FTTH: Deploying All-optical Networks with Gigabit Home Broadband Experience

President of Network Services at CTM Declan Leong explains the secret code of success and the future of CTM's fiber broadband service.

Bangladesh Minister of Post and Telecommunication Mustafa Jabbar: Bridging the digital divide and implementing the Digital Bangladesh strategy

In December last year, Bangladesh launched commercial 5G, becoming one of the first countries in South Asia to do so. Huawei uses its advanced 5G technologies to support Bangladesh's accelerated 5G development. In the initial phase, the 5G network is deployed in the country's National Parliament, National Martyrs' Memorial, and other locations, and is set to expand in the future. How will Bangladesh seize new opportunities in the 5G era? In the Lighting up the Future studio, let's hear what Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Mustafa Jabbar has to say.

GUIDE to the Future Network: Zain and Huawei signed strategic partnership MOU to explore future target network evolution strategy

Zain's management team has attached great importance to commercial 5G. From the start, they implemented a 5G leadership strategy, embodied by the motto "Zain is 5G, 5G is Zain". Zain actively invested in network and service development and smoothly executed its strategy. On the development of 5G networks and services, Zain Saudi Arabia worked with technologically leading strategic partners like Huawei to jointly plan its future network development, developing end-to-end intelligent networks, from access to core, and to transport. Zain also provides dual-gigabit connectivity and differentiated, innovative services for mobile and home users, and uses energy efficiency technology to reduce carbon emissions, fulfilling its social responsibility.

Mozambique Telecom ready to fast-track 5G with Huawei

Mozambique Telecom, which operates under the Tmcel brand name, is ready to ramp up 5G deployment after a successful trial using Huawei equipment. “We are ready to fast-track the rollout of the commercial 5G network at scale,” said Binda Jocker, COO at Telecom Mozambique. Speaking in Huawei’s extended virtual reality studio at Mobile World Congress, Jocker added that Tmcel will be able to offer commercial 5G services “within a few months” in strategic geographies that are aligned with targets set by Mozambique’s Ministry of Transport and Communications. “Technically, Tmcel is ready and well prepared to deploy 5G technology,” added Jocker.

José Mavungo of Unitel Angola: The success story of building a green intelligent network

According to Unitel Angola's O&M Director José Mavungo, Unitel is the largest mobile operator in Angola, and is the ICT center of the country and even Southwestern Africa. Since 2019, the operator has worked with Huawei to retrofit its live network to be powered by green energy, aiming to build a low-carbon target energy network. In addition to providing high-quality information services, operators also have a responsibility to conserve energy and reduce emissions. By using Huawei's green products and solutions, Unitel has realized efficient use and green generation of electricity, as well as intelligent lifecycle management of its energy network. This helped the operator lower carbon emissions and OPEX, significantly improve O&M efficiency, and reduce site visits, making it a solid step toward a green intelligent network and setting an example for the industry.

Mallikarjun Rao of Telefónica Germany: Leading 5G network enables business success

Telefónica Germany plans to provide 5G coverage to more than half the country's population by the end of 2022. It has built thousands of 5G base stations on the 3.6 GHz, 1.8 GHz, and 700 MHz frequency bands. What needs and experience does the company have in network deployment? Let's hear what Mallik Rao, Chief Technology & Information Officer of Telefónica Germany, has to say.

Telenor teams up with Huawei to explore new approaches to the green initiative

Communication services are growing rapidly and green development has become a global consensus. How can Telenor, one of the world's largest mobile carriers, go green? When discussing key technologies and strategies for the green initiative, Tanveer Mohammad, Senior Vice President for Global Operations of Telenor, pointed out that carriers can cut the energy consumption of network equipment and adopt smart technologies to reduce energy consumption. Carriers can do all of this while maintaining the same user experience and using innovative, energy-efficient equipment and solutions from equipment vendors during their green network construction.

Zain's Mohammed Al-Marshed on building autonomous networks and improving digital operation strategy

Zain, a leading carrier in digital operations, is building autonomous networks with intelligent technologies as part of its key strategy to promote digital transformation through intelligence. Zain plans to build L4 autonomous networks by 2025. How will it achieve this goal? Let's hear from Zain's Networks Director Mohammed Al-Marshed.

Stephen Blewett of MTN Cameroon: The HVC strategy enables business success

How are mobile communication services developing in Africa? The telecom operator MTN Cameroon has achieved positive growth by offering more to high-value users, while also developing the rural market. Let's hear what Stephen Blewett, CEO of MTN Cameroon, has to say about this.

Paolo Gemma of ITU-T and Steffen Roos of Detecon: Extensive participation in the development and promotion of green network KPIs

The establishment of network key performance indicators (KPIs) enables operators to improve both network performance and service experience. In pursuit of green development, the ICT industry must define unified KPIs so that operators can identify and solve energy consumption issues, facilitating the achievement of the net-zero carbon emissions target. Let's hear what Steffen Roos from Detecon and Paolo Gemma, Chairman of ITU-T SG5 WP2 (Environment, Energy Efficiency and the Circular Economy), have to say about this.

du and Huawei jointly promote IPv6 in the UAE, releasing an SRv6 book in Arabic

IPv6 has achieved tremendous progress in the UAE. In just three years, the number of IPv6 users has grown from zero to 40% of the country's Internet users. At MWC Barcelona 2022, du and Huawei jointly released the Arabic version of the book SRv6 Network Programming: Ushering in a New Era of IP Networks. In the Lighting up the Future Studio, Saleem Alblooshi, Chief Technology Officer of du, and Steven Zhao, Vice President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line, shared their views on IPv6 and information about the book.

Jeffrey Zhou of Huawei and Jean-Luc Lemmens of IDATE DigiWorld: How all-optical networks pave the way for green development

For many operators around the world, optical broadband services are a key pillar of their business. Precisely because of their importance, pressure is mounting to reduce the energy consumption and carbon emissions of optical broadband networks. What action should the industry take? At MWC Barcelona 2022, Jeffrey Zhou, Vice President of Huawei Optical Product Line, and Jean-Luc Lemmens, Director of Media-Telecom Business Unit of IDATE DigiWorld, attended our extended reality studio to discuss this question.

Video interview with executives of China Unicom Beijing and Huawei on how the 5G Capital project won a GLOMO Award

On March 2, during MWC Barcelona 2022, China Unicom Beijing and Huawei won the GSMA GLOMO's "5G Industry Partnership Award". This award represents a formal recognition by experts from around the world of the success of the 5G Capital project, which involved the two companies building 5G gigabit networks in Beijing and fully utilizing 5G to support a diversity of lifestyles. How did China Unicom Beijing achieve this? Let's hear what Yang Lifan, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom Beijing, and Yang Chaobin, President of Huawei Wireless Product Line, have to say.

Philip Song of Huawei and Luis Neves of GeSI: From carbon footprint to carbon handprint, for a sustainable green future

Green development is a global consensus. At MWC Barcelona 2022, Huawei announced the concept of More Bits, Less Watts and a three-layer architecture of green solutions. But how can this concept help carriers reduce the carbon emissions of ICT infrastructure in order to support the green development of industries? Philip Song, CMO of Huawei Carrier BG, and Luis Neves, CEO of GeSI commented on this. There is a misconception in the industry that developing the ICT industry will generate more carbon emissions. However, Philip's analysis shows that the extensive use of ICT technologies will actually significantly reduce carbon emissions in other industries and decouple economic growth from emissions growth. By 2030, the carbon emissions reduced by ICT technologies across various industries is expected to reach 12.1 billion tons, which will be 10 times the total emissions of the ICT industry itself.

The GSMA's Julian Gorman and Hauwei's Sean Xu: The key to Asia Pacific's world-leading 5G development is extensive collaboration across the ecosystem

Head of Asia Pacific for the GSMA Julian Gorman and Huawei Carrier BG's CMO of the Asia Pacific Region Sean Xu came to the Lighting up the Future Studio and shared insights on the APAC 5G Industry Community. The success of 5GtoB hinges on collaboration across the ecosystem. The APAC 5G Industry Community, as a platform for collaboration, has incubated many success cases.

Latif Ladid of ETSI IPE and Steven Zhao of Huawei: IPv6 unleashes connectivity potential and boosts the digital economy

As the next-generation Internet Protocol replacing IPv4, and also a key area of network technology innovation, IPv6 has been adopted with enthusiasm around the world. What exactly is IPv6, what benefits does it have, and how is the IPv4 to IPv6 transition progressing worldwide? As a leading player in the IP field, what actions has Huawei taken regarding IPv6? Experts from the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and Huawei will answer these questions.

Huawei's Philip Song: GUIDE business blueprint enables carriers to lead the future and achieve business growth

As digitalization accelerates worldwide, green development has become a global consensus, and global carriers are dedicated to speeding up digitalization. If we look at today from a future perspective, network evolution driven by the business blueprint is key to seizing digitalization opportunities and achieving business growth. In the Lighting up the Future studio at MWC Barcelona 2022, Philip Song, Huawei Carrier BG's Chief Marketing Officer, shared how Huawei's GUIDE business blueprint empowers carriers with five capabilities for a better, greener digital future.

Huawei's Shawn Liu explains the implications and value of Huawei's GUIDE business blueprint

The GUIDE business blueprint was Huawei's biggest highlight at MWC Barcelona 2022. Huawei proposed GUIDE to empower carriers with five capabilities: Expanding Services, Innovating Efficiency, Leveraging Resources, Competing on Value, and Contributing to Society. These capabilities will enable a better, greener digital future. What are the implications and value of GUIDE? Shawn Liu, Director of the Consultant Office in Huawei's Carrier BG, is here to explain.

Huawei Day 0 Forum, MWC Barcelona 2022

The Day 0 Forum opened a new chapter of Huawei's MWC journey. The inspiring thoughts and ideas exchanged here will light up the future.

Huawei Day 0 Forum, MWC Barcelona 2022

The Day 0 Forum opened a new chapter of Huawei's MWC journey. The inspiring thoughts and ideas exchanged here will light up the future.

Day 1, MWC Barcelona 2022

As the Huawei booths opened, group after group of visitors arrived, all enthusiastic about what Huawei had to show this year. Peng Song delivered a keynote speech to announce the GUIDE business blueprint and call on carriers and industry partners to embrace the digital world. GUIDE will lead us to the future. GUIDE is now.

Day 2, MWC Barcelona 2022

The GUIDE business blueprint illuminates Huawei's MWC journey. Let's use GUIDE to light up our shared future!


Huawei's Guo Ping: Reshaping the technological paradigm in three areas to secure mid- to long-term competitiveness

[Barcelona, Spain, March 1, 2022] During MWC Barcelona 2022, Huawei's Rotating Chairman Guo Ping spoke on the company's plan to continue its globalization strategy and increase its strategic investment into foundational technologies. Through this investment, Huawei hopes to reshape the fundamental theories, architecture, and software that underpin its industry, increase its mid-to long-term competitiveness, and ensure the longer-term sustainability of the ICT industry.

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Huawei's Ryan Ding: GUIDE to a Better Digital Economy

At the Huawei Day0 Forum held the day before MWC22 Barcelona, Ryan Ding, Huawei's Executive Director and President of the Carrier BG, gave a keynote speech entitled "Lighting up the Future".

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Telenor and Huawei Build Energy-efficient Antenna Showcase, Forging New Path to Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

Telenor and Huawei held a joint press conference during MWC Barcelona 2022 to launch their energy-efficient antenna showcase. This is the first commercial practice of using energy-efficient antennas to achieve network energy saving, resulting in a maximum energy saving of 15% for base station.

China Unicom, Health Commission of Hainan Province, and Huawei Jointly Won the Best Mobile Innovation for the Connected Human Award

At the GSMA's Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO Awards) Ceremony on MWC22 Barcelona, the "5G Smart Healthcare Lights up Hainan Healthy Island" project jointly developed by China Unicom, Health Commission of Hainan Province, and Huawei won the Best Mobile Innovation for the Connected Human Award.

Huawei Launches 50 Gbps E-band Solution to Scale Up 5G Deployment

At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022, Huawei launched an all-new microwave solution for 50 Gbps E-band, with the goal of meeting ultra-high-bandwidth needs in dense urban areas.

Optimal Network Performance and Energy Efficiency for 5Gigaverse & 5Green

During MWC22 Barcelona, Daisy Zhu, Vice President of Huawei Wireless Network Marketing, delivered a keynote speech Optimal Network Performance and Energy Efficiency are Critical for 5Gigaverse & 5Green at the GSMA Conference: Energy Efficiency Trends in 5G.

China Mobile and Huawei Win 2022 GSMA GLOMO's 'Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action' Award

During MWC22 Barcelona, China Mobile and Huawei's Green 5G project was awarded GSMA GLOMO 'Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action'.

Huawei's FDD Gigaband MIMO Series Wins GSMA GLOMO 'Best Mobile Network Infrastructure'

During MWC22 Barcelona, Huawei's FDD Gigaband MIMO series won the GSMA GLOMO 'Best Mobile Network Infrastructure' award.

China Unicom Beijing and Huawei Win GSMA GLOMO's "5G Industry Partnership Award" for 5G Capital Project

During MWC22 Barcelona, China Unicom Beijing and Huawei won the "5G Industry Partnership Award" of GSMA's Global Mobile Award (GLOMO).

5G+XR: Bringing Imagination into Reality

Huawei Carrier BG's Chief Marketing Officer Philip Song delivered the keynote speech: "5G+XR: Bringing Imagination into Reality". In it, he shared insights into the XR industry and revealed the industry's "new Moore's Law". He called on carriers and industry partners to take actions to seize the opportunities presented by 5G+XR.

Huawei and China Telecom Jointly Release Cloud Network Core Capability Innovations and Define a New Paradigm of Strategic Collaboration

During the MWC Barcelona 2022, Huawei and China Telecom jointly held a ceremony for Cloud Network Core Capability Innovation Achievements Global Release.

Telkomsel, TPG, Airtel joint with Huawei won the GTI Awards 2022 'Market Development Award '

During the MWC22 Barcelona, World Leading Operators Telkomsel, TPG, Airtel joint with Huawei won the GTI Awards '2022 Market Development' Award for their outstanding contributions to the 2.3 GHz industry.

Huawei 5Green Solutions Win GTI 'Innovative Breakthrough in Mobile Technology Award' and 'Outstanding Award'

Huawei 5Green Solutions were recognized twice at the MWC22 Barcelona, winning the GTI 'Innovative Breakthrough in Mobile Technology Award' and 'Outstanding Award', a testament to Huawei's substantial contributions to technological innovation and sustainable development in its efforts to promote customer benefits.

Huawei and du Sign MoU on MEC Innovation

At MWC22 Barcelona, Huawei and du signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for joint innovation on multi-access edge computing (MEC). The two parties will research, verify, and replicate MEC-oriented applications in the Middle East, helping du provide more diversified communications services.

IPv6 Enhanced, Cornerstone of Digitalization

Steven Zhao, Vice President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line, delivered a keynote speech titled "IPv6 Enhanced, the Cornerstone of Digitalization," envisioning the future of IPv6 Enhanced.

Huawei Peng Song: Embracing the Digital World, GUIDE to the Future

In the speech, Peng shared his thoughts on the future evolution of networks. "We should more actively embrace the digital world," said Peng, "GUIDE IS NOW. Let's act now to draw a business blueprint with more industry partners and lead future development."

Huawei Releases GUIDE at MWC to Light up the Future

At this year's MWC Barcelona, Huawei meets with global operators, industry partners, and thought leaders for discussions on topics including 5G business success, green technology, connectivity + IT for new growth, and their GUIDE business blueprint, with a focus on business and social value, to light up a bright future of digital economy.

Breaking Down 5 Misconceptions to Accelerate Green Development

Huawei Carrier's Chief Marketing Officer Dr. Philip Song delivered a keynote speech titled "Five Misconceptions of Green Development" at the forum.

Huawei Creates an Intelligent IT Foundation for Operators

Huawei released a series of new IT products and solutions as part of a new "intelligent IT foundation" for operators.

Huawei Debuts Giga Green Site in Spain for Optimal Energy Efficiency and Performance

At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022, Huawei and one of its operator partners jointly announced the commercialization of the world's first Giga Green Site.

Huawei Releases IntelligentRAN Wireless Architecture

Huawei unveiled IntelligentRAN, its new wireless network architecture, at today's Pre-MWC Briefing and Product and Solution Launch event.

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Wireless Network

5G is developing rapidly worldwide, as 5G commercial deployment enters a new phase, users need more continuous experience, and industry digitalization poses new requirements on 5G capabilities. Therefore, we believe that the next step is to evolve 5G from hotspot to all-scenario continuous coverage, from Gbps to 5Gigaverse, and from pilot industry to all-industry digitalization, to build a ubiquitous gigabit network and a 5Gigaverse society.

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Fixed Network

Intelligent Cloud-Network Accelerates Industry Digital Transformation

To enjoy convenient digital services in the cloud era, every person, family, and organization demands network access at anytime and anywhere. This has led to the acceleration of enterprise digital transformation and an urgent need for upgraded connections. Huawei's intelligent cloud-network solution implements a new type of service network capable of both cloud-based network migration and cloud-network-security integration. This solution serves multiple industries, including e-Government, smart healthcare, smart education, smart mine, smart port, and smart manufacturing.

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Cloud Core Network

Core network is the pivot connecting industry networks, communications networks, and the Internet. The Huawei Cloud Core Network product line provides a full series of core network products and solutions, helping carriers build simplified, agile, convergent, efficient, and reliable core networks, enable a wide range of industries, and achieve business success.

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Service and Software

Huawei Service and Software provides global carriers with industry-leading, secure, and reliable end-to-end solutions, covering network planning, construction, O&M, optimization, and service operations. Over the past 30 years, Huawei has gradually become one of the world's largest and most advanced service and software providers, with delivery capabilities and resources that are distributed around the world. In the future, Huawei, as an always reliable strategic partner of carriers, will continue to devote itself to helping carriers achieve digital transformation and business success.

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Digital Power

Leading power digitalization for a smart and sustainable world, Huawei Digital Power strives to help carriers improve efficiency and smarten up facilities. Our solutions help both telecom and tower carriers simplify facility deployment, improve power reliability, increase energy efficiency and make O&M smart, enable ICT networks to evolve to 5G and cloud smoothly.

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Autonomous Driving Network (ADN)

"Take Complexity, Create Simplicity" is the supreme principle of autonomous driving network (ADN), which is practiced throughout product planning, design, and development at Huawei. Collaborative evolution of network and O&M intelligence is the core of ADN, and in this regard Huawei has produced a three-layered open architecture delivering intelligence for networks and platforms for O&M, enabling telecom operators to accelerate their digital transformation.

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