MWC Shanghai 2024 - Huawei

MWC Shanghai 2024

Advancing the Intelligent World

June 26 - 28, 2024 | Shanghai, China

Countdown to the Event

The Huawei Day0 Forum will be held on June 25th


I am pleased to invite you to join us at MWC Shanghai 2024, hosted by GSMA in China from June 26 to 28.

A truly intelligent world is coming fast, with all sorts of new technology progressing by leaps and bounds. In particular, digitalization and intelligence are driving revolutionary changes in all aspects of life, creating tremendous opportunities for all industries – and new avenues of growth for carriers.

This year marks the beginning of 5.5G commercial deployment. Huawei is working with carriers and industry partners around the world to build on the success of 5G. With 5.5G, we can fully unleash the value of mobile networks with more customizable user experience, flexible business models, and replicable industry applications.

F5.5G is already creating new value with 10-gigabit, all-optical connectivity. It's helping homes, offices, and factories go intelligent with highly elastic ultra-broadband, deterministic latency, and ultra-reliability, bringing top quality information services to more and more communities every day.

And as synergy continues to grow between networks, cloud, and AI, we're also bound to see an extraordinary upgrade in digital experience, new forms of joint innovation, and broader use of AI across all sectors. These developments will not only make networks smarter, but also lay the groundwork for ubiquitous intelligence, advancing the arrival of a fully intelligent world.

There's a lot of opportunities for growth in the industry these days, and we'd love to explore them with you. As always, thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to seeing you in Shanghai.


David Wang

Executive Director of the Board

Chairman of the ICT Infrastructure Managing Board