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  • Converged Transport Networks for 5G Quick-win

    Based on the Industry Leading E2E Products, SRv6 New Protocol and NCE (Network Cloud Engine), Huawei’s 5G Converged Transport Network Solution help Carriers to build a High Capacity, High Availability, SLA Guaranteed, and Intelligent O&M Transport Network. Matching 5G application requirements and unleashing 5G potential.

  • Premium Private Lines, Driving New Growth of B2B Services

    With the digital transformation and cloudification of enterprises, the number of private line connections and needed bandwidth will increase exponentially. Some industries may raise demanding SLA requirements for private line services, such as online duration, availability, latency, flexible bandwidth, and self-service performance. Operators can upgrade their networks to provide premium private line services to meet the differentiated requirements of enterprise customers in different industries and drive the new growth of B2B services.

  • Giga Home Bursts New Growth

    In the F5G era, full-fiber network has become a common concern of operators. Huawei provides SingleFAN Pro solution to help operators build premium giga home broadband networks and boost revenue growth.



Success Stories

KOL demystify the network of China

The COVID-19 engulfing the world has made the Internet an indispensable tool for people's life, which has impacted carriers'networks with explosive growth in traffic. China's networks has withstood the challenge of the epidemic situation, behind it is the strategic thinking and advanced concept of Chinese carriers in network architecture design and planning.

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Globe in partnership with Huawei reinvents new connectivity solutions for enterprises

Philippines telco giant Globe Telecom reinvents new connectivity solutions for enterprises through network modernization and transformation projects, leveraging on state-of-the-art technologies in Optical Transport, IP, SDN and NFV domain, adopting IP+Optical dual-layer network architecture to deliver premium quality connectivities.

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China Unicom Beijing:Explore intelligent O&M of 5G backhaul network.

In 2019, China Unicom Beijing and Huawei launched a 5G backhaul joint innovation project .This project introduced iFIT(In-situ Flow Information Telemetry) intelligent O&M solution for proactive O&M, minute-level fault locating, and fault tracing that improve trouble-shooting efficiency especially in important event guarantee scenario to build a manageable, visualized, and controllable 5G intelligent backhaul network with better experience.

China Mobile Zhejiang builds the world's first commercial 5G transport network

5G is Now, Transport First. China Mobile Zhejiang cooperated with Huawei to actively explore the challenges of 5G to transport network. China Mobile Zhejiang initiated 5G transport network technology research, resource reservation, and network planning 1 year in advance.

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China Telecom's WDM Backbone Network: the Road to All-Optical Network 2.0

In the past ten years, the traffic volume on China Telecom's backbone networks has been growing at an astonishing rate of 47% per year. This poses a range of challenges, in an attempt to address some of these challenges, China Telecom is shifting from All-Optical Network 1.0 to All-Optical Network 2.0.

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E2E Automatic Leased Line Service, Continuously Leading Industry Innovation

Mr. Marco Arioli, head of Network Engineering of Fastweb Italy, is sharing his experience working with Huawei on the NetCity project. Check how is Huawei NCE(Network Cloud Engine) enabling network automation and predictive maintenance for Fastweb to succeed in the changing market.

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China Mobile Beijing: Intelligent Home Broadband O&M

This Video is a case study of China Mobile Beijing’s intelligent home broadband O&M. It introduces the successful practice of ODN optical root cause intelligent recognition which helps China Mobile Beijing to improve its operation and maintenance efficiency by 50% and reduce its door-to-door rate by 30% in handling of group faults, individual faults and weak optical power issues.

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