Intelligent Cloud-Network Solution

Intelligent Cloud-Network Accelerates Industry Digital Transformation

To enjoy convenient digital services in the cloud era, every person, family, and organization demands network access at anytime and anywhere. This has led to the acceleration of enterprise digital transformation and an urgent need for upgraded connections. Huawei's intelligent cloud-network solution implements a new type of service network capable of both cloud-based network migration and cloud-network-security integration. This solution serves multiple industries, including e-Government, smart healthcare, smart education, smart mine, smart port, and smart manufacturing.

Customer Value
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    Accessible Computing Power at Your Fingertips

    Agile cloud-network integration means networks are as convenient to use as clouds.

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    Reachable Multi-cloud on Demand

    A multi-cloud interconnection network enables enterprises to access multiple clouds immediately upon access the network.

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    Rigid Connection with Flexibility

    A cloud-based network with deterministic network SLAs, including those for packet loss rate and latency, satisfies the cloudification requirements of core systems.

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    Safeguarded Security

    E2E security assurance implements comprehensive security protection for service cloudification.

Solution Features

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Network as a Service

Ticket to order: e-commerce subscription and flexible adjustment
Human brain to computer brain: machine-to-machine interaction and proactive O&M
Configuration to management and control: E2E service provisioning and agile provisioning

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Flexible Multi-cloud Connection

One hop to the cloud: SRv6-based cross-domain connection to the cloud in minutes
One network to anywhere: intelligent distributed path computation, increasing the number of supported connections 100-fold
One-click fast scheduling: intelligent cloud graph algorithm, improving cloud network utilization by 30%

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Deterministic Experience

One box with multiple connections: all-in-one enterprise CPE, with the enterprise egress directly connected to a private network
One network for multiple industries: slice-based application-level SLA assurance

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Cloud-Network-Security Integration

Full awareness: zero false reports
Precision marketing: release of security posture reports
Hierarchical services: three levels of security services