Huawei Wins an Incredible EIGHT Global Mobile Awards from GSMA

Huawei received 8 major awards from GSMA during the Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards ceremony at the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC). Among them was the Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry Award, which recognizes Huawei for decades of advocating new technology, building out the digital ecosystem, and social responsibility.

Ken Hu, Rotating and Acting CEO of Huawei (left), and Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman of GSMA (right)

GSMA presents Huawei with the 2018 Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry

Mobile technology is changing every day. Connectivity has extended beyond cities to suburbs, and bandwidth has grown from megabits to gigabits. Connections themselves are no longer limited to people, but now include things. In the meantime, our lives have fundamentally changed. Almost without realizing it, we've gone from going online to living online, from bridging the digital divide to exploring the digital world. Industries are converging. Technology and business are merging, and so are work and our everyday lives. Boundaries are dissolving all around us.

At the height of its youth, 30-year-old Huawei has worked with telecom operators to deploy more than 1,500 networks around the globe, connecting over 1/3 of the world's population. With a strong belief in the power of openness, collaboration, and shared success, Huawei innovates together with its customers and partners to promote a thriving industry ecosystem. As a member of more than 360 standards organizations, industrial alliances, and open source communities, Huawei actively contributes to the growth of the mobile industry, driving digital transformation and helping to build a fully connected, intelligent world.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Huawei is committed to eliminating the digital divide, protecting the environment, and ensuring the stable and secure operation of networks around the world. It has helped connect places as remote as Mount Everest and the Arctic Circle, and has done its part to keep critical telecom infrastructure up and running during major natural disasters, including the massive earthquake that struck Sichuan, and the Japanese tsunami in Tōhoku. With its RuralStar solution, Huawei is connecting the unconnected, helping remote villages in Africa link up with the rest of the world. With TubeStar, the company is helping operators reduce their carbon footprint and cut network deployment costs by combining towers, cabinets, and equipment rooms in an all-in-one microsite design. With end-to-end NB-IoT solutions for smart cities, it is making city life more convenient and safe by providing a platform for open innovation and supporting applications like smart parking and smart fire hydrants.

Ultimately, innovation at Huawei is driven by customer needs. Straddling the fence between technological innovation and business evolution, Huawei focuses on the practical challenges that its customers face throughout the digital transformation process. Over the years, Huawei has developed a strong portfolio of solutions that help its customers overcome these challenges and achieve business success. This is where Huawei's true value lies.

Huawei's award-winning solutions include CloudAIR, which applies a cloud approach to wireless networks, decoupling air interface resources and radio access technologies to help operators get the most out of their spectrum; Huawei's ultra-wide band family of RF products, which helps operators increase network capacity and more effectively deploy networks across multiple spectrum frequencies; and its 5G core solution, based on cloud native and service-based architecture centered around micro-services, which opens up new doors to innovation in services, operations, and experience for the entire industry.

John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA, commended Huawei on its decades of contribution. The Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry, he noted, along with the 7 additional Global Mobile Awards that Huawei received over the past two days, were given in recognition of Huawei's outstanding accomplishments, which have changed the industry and continue to shine bright at this year's MWC.

Current estimates show that the number of wireless connections around the world will grow from 8 billion to 20 billion by the year 2025. This growth in sheer volume of connections, as well as a broader shift from mobile broadband for individual people to the digital transformation of entire industries, will present telecom operators with huge challenges. In the meantime, more than 3 billion people still don't have access to the Internet. The ICT industry still has a long way to go before fully closing the digital divide.

But hope remains. Huawei is working closely with ecosystem partners, using action – not words – to guide the industry forward. 5G is now, and structural changes are reshaping the industry. Huawei is committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.

Huawei's GLOMO awards at MWC 2018:
1. Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry – Huawei
2. Best Mobile Innovation for Smart Cities – Huawei NB-IoT Smart City Solution
3. Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets – Huawei RuralStar Solution
4. Green Mobile Award – Huawei TubeStar Solution
5. Best Mobile Infrastructure Award – Huawei Ultra-Wide Band RF Solution Family
6. Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough Award – Huawei CloudAIR
7. Best Network Software Breakthrough – Huawei 5G Core Solution
8. Outstanding Mobile Technology Award, the CTO's Choice – Huawei CloudAIR