All Business Connected@LTE

All Business Connected@LTE

LTE will keep evolution to create a foundation network for full services to brace new business opportunities.

Foundation Network @LTE

  • Zero Fallback

    Zero fallback refers to expansion of the fundamental LTE network coverage so that it is the same as that of 2G and 3G networks. With expanded coverage, LTE data, VoLTE, and IoT services will always be provided by the LTE network. Users will no longer fall back to 2G or 3G networks. The enhanced coverage also lays a foundation for 2G and 3G users to be migrated to LTE networks.

  • Zero Wait

    Zero wait means that mainstream services, such as HD video and web browsing, can be accessed without any perceivable delay, providing 5G-like user experience. Zero wait time ensures optimal LTE user experience and makes new services (such as VR and cloud gaming) possible. In addition, user experience will not deteriorate after 5G users leave the coverage area and fall back to the LTE network.

  • Evolution

    The advent of 5G has unveiled a new chapter for LTE evolution. LTE will gradually incorporate 2G and 3G and become an all-business fundamental network in the 5G era. LTE will also continue to enhance its capabilities and collaborate with NR in the 5G era.