5G MEC Solution

5G MEC Solution

Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) is a network solution that provides services and computing functions required by users on edge nodes. It makes application services and content closer to users and implements network collaboration, providing users with reliable and ultimate service experience. Huawei proposes the next-generation 5G MEC solution – Clover, which means the next-generation MEC solution integrates "connectivity + computing + X", achieving dynamic and intelligent connections, super-performance heterogeneous computing, and innovation (X) anytime, anywhere, accelerating edge service innovation, enable new 2B business.

Customer Value
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    Replacing private lines with mobile private networks

    5G+MEC is used as the network technology carrier to build a dedicated network that can replace fixed networks and Wi-Fi networks for guaranteed edge services, achieving the best experience of edge services.

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    Optimal bit cost

    The high-performance and highly integrated integrated edge hardware implements the optimal combination of connection and computing, optimizing the edge bit cost.

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    One-point innovation and network-wide replication

    Build an open edge platform to implement service collaboration between the central cloud and edge nodes, aggregate the ecosystem, introduce the cloud to the network, and quickly implement edge service innovation.

Solution Features

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Dynamic and intelligent connection

5G LAN+multi-dimensional dynamic traffic distribution, replacing private lines with mobile private networks.
5G LAN: Mobile virtual private networks are built based on public networks, providing cost-effective experience for public networks.
Multi-dimensional dynamic traffic distribution: Traffic is dynamically distributed based on URLs, UE locations, destination IP addresses, and port numbers, and policies are deployed on demand.

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Heterogeneous Computing

Achieves Optimal Bit Costs.
Serialized: 8U/4U/... and 800mm/600mm depth, fast deployment in multiple scenarios
Heterogeneous acceleration: On-demand acceleration, 2X industry performance.

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Anytime, anywhere innovation (X)

Open platform + center/edge collaboration, achieving one-point innovation and network-wide replication.
Open platform: one-stack development suite + open integration environment, enabling quick rollout of innovative applications.
Center/edge collaboration: single-sourcing technology stack and shared ecosystem at the center/edge, and quick replication of innovative applications at the edge.