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B.E.S.T. Network

Huawei SmartCare@B.E.S.T. Network is a network planning and optimization solution that focuses on exploring the business value of customer networks based on platform-based big data analysis. B.E.S.T. Network breaks down business, experience, and performance indicators to adapt to carriers' network development objectives, delivers differentiated network experience for end users, enables value-driven network construction, promotes user, traffic, and service growth, and helps carriers achieve success.

Business Value
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    Smooth Network Evolution

    Uses artificial intelligence (AI) and big data technologies to build 5G networks based on optimal 4G networks.

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    Efficient Network Operation

    Uses a digital operation workspace to integrate "planning, construction, maintenance, optimization, and operation'' and enable the digital transformation of network operations.

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    Differentiated Network Experience

    Improves carriers' benchmark rankings and delivers differentiated experience in VoLTE, mobile videos, and mobile gaming services.

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    Excellent Network Performance

    Provides excellent 2G/3G/4G network performance through accurate network planning, radio frequency (RF) optimization, and network performance management and improvement.


  • 5G Network Planning and Optimization

    Improves site investment benefits by using network planning technologies, such as the big data convergence platform, iRayce propagation model, Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Turbo, and super 3D simulation. Improves network throughput and optimizes service experience of end users by using network optimization technologies, such as optimal parameter combination of massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO), 4G/5G optimal handover chains, device-network-chip based channel state information (CSI) measurement and forecast, RANK-based simulation algorithms, and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) 3D modeling.

  • CWR@Digital

    Digitalizes network planning and construction based on carriers' service processes, and drives the digital transformation of mobile network operations. Provides scenario-specific plans to help carriers achieve business success. Supported scenarios include 2G/3G-to-4G user migration, high-value user experience assurance, 4G planning-construction-maintenance-optimization integration, 5G value-driven network construction, and insight into high-value buildings.

  • Benchmark Ranking Improvement

    Breaks down the ranking indicator metrics, identifies gaps, forecasts scores, and implements specialized optimization to quickly improve carriers' benchmark scores and brand competitiveness.

  • Superior VoLTE

    Builds an E2E voice service indicator metrics. Evaluates voice service experience issues, and demarcates, locates, resolves, and closes issues in E2E mode by using multi-data-source association, sliding window detection, and broken voice detection mechanisms. Improves high-definition (HD) voice experience and supports service provisioning.

  • Superior Mobile Video

    Oriented towards third-party video experience, self-operated video experience, and OTT video experience ranking scenarios. Establishes mapping between video experience and network elements, redefines carriers' network construction standards to provide optimal video experience by using key technologies, such as big data modeling, multi-data-source association, and refined slicing.

  • Superior Mobile Gaming

    Oriented towards multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games. Accurately analyzes and models service features, identifies poor E2E quality, and controls and guarantees quality of service (QoS) policies to improve user experience in delay-sensitive services.

  • Accurate Planning

    Gains insight into weak coverage issues by geographically evaluating data based on Minimization of Drive Tests (MDT) or OTT data and distinguishing indoor and outdoor traffic. Uses a neural network algorithm to forecast cell traffic, and accurately matches forecasted results with the traffic development trends based on multidimensional time series forecasting and suppressed traffic evaluation. Uses the parallel iterative optimization algorithm to improve site planning accuracy and reduce redundancy.

  • RF Optimization

    Supports 2G/3G/4G/5G RF optimization and delivery. Introduces a digital delivery platform and digital delivery devices. Uses the probe handset units (PHUs), automatic cell planning (ACP), and DT-free optimization methods to improve the efficiency of RF optimization. This accelerates networks' go-to-market (GTM), maximizes carriers' return on investment (ROI), and optimizes basic network performance.

  • Network Performance Management

    Streamlines network performance management (NPM) platforms, digitalizes NPM, and automates service flows. This improves operation efficiency and quality, generates warnings and promptly resolves network performance issues in complex network scenarios, and ensures stable network performance.

  • Network Performance Improvement

    Uses AI to implement refined analysis of network issues and intelligent matching of scenario parameters. This helps accurately match network pain points, improves network performance, and removes traditional optimization bottlenecks with regard to precision, accuracy, and limited scenarios.

  • GENEX Discovery

    Is a wireless network geographic observation and analysis platform. Based on network big data, accurate geographic location algorithms, and Huawei's global experience, GENEX Discovery automatically identifies and analyzes wireless network performance issues, and improves network planning and optimization efficiency.

Success Stories

Huawei's B.E.S.T. Network Helps Operator V in Country G Improve P3 Benchmark Ranking and Investment Effectiveness

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