Based on a deep understanding of the evolution trend of networks, Huawei has innovatively defined CloudLi. The CloudLi solution uses intelligent lithium batteries, simplified Power IoT networking, and cloud BMS. The three-layer architecture CloudLi implements full-scenario connection of energy storage, simplified cloud maintenance, site-network cloud collaboration, efficient investment, safe and reliable power supply, backup based on big data analysis and AI algorithms, maximizes the value of energy storage and meets the new requirements for comprehensive site energy storage applications, intelligent collaboration, refined management, and all-scenario applications.

All-scenario connection:

From Part-scenario O&M to All-scenario O&M

Simplified networking with IoT realizes all scenarios O&M, including Huawei power scenario, 3rd party scenario, central office scenario, hybrid power scenario, Comprehensive power supply scenario, etc.

Simplified cloud O&M

From manual O&M to Cloud O&M: realizes all-scenario remote & Cloud management

Site-network cloud synergy, activating silent assets

From single backup function to comprehensive energy storage and usage

① Cloud Boosting: CloudLi cloud-network synergy reduces line loss, eliminates the need to replace thick lines, and discharges 100%.

② Cloud Hybrid Use: CloudLi cloud-network synergy, reuse of assets, step-by-step investment, and avoid waste of residual value.

③ Cloud Peak Shaving: eliminates the grid modernization, and greatly reduces the TTM of site construction.

④ Cloud Peak Staggering: leverages peak and valley electricity prices to reduce corresponding costs.

⑤ Cloud Anti-theft: CloudLi cloud-network synergy achieves three-layer digital anti-theft peak-offset.

⑥ Intelligent Parallel Connection: intelligent lithium battery strings collaborate with each other to achieve lossless parallel system.

Efficient investment, AI Configuration Policy

① 1Intelligent battery grouping:Big data analysis is used to group batteries with the same aging degree between sites, improving the operating efficiency of batteries.

② Complementary resource:Big data analysis facilitates mutually complementary batteries between sites, reducing wasted resources and maximizing resource efficiency.

AI-powered, proactive security

AI risk prediction, intelligent fault location, intelligent backup power supply, AI energy storage life extension