Autonomous Driving Mobile Network


Autonomous Driving Mobile Network

With three major capabilities of network management, control and analysis, iMaster MAE interprets the intent of the service and applications from upper layer in terms of different scenarios, such as network planning, construction, optimization, maintenance and service provisioning. In addition, it can continuously ensure the network connectivity and the service SLA management, so as to realize the closed-loop in MBB domain.

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Large-scale 5G deployment has started. Multiple networking modes of legacy networks greatly increase the complexity of 5G site deployment. Huawei's site deployment solution simplifies operations from site configuration to acceptance and realizes the whole workflow automation, greatly improving site delivery quality and integration efficiency.

With the introduction of AI technology, Huawei's network maintenance solutions achieve minute-level precise fault locating with the transformation from passive response to proactive prevention, online performance optimization based on scenario recognition and user experience prediction, and in-depth energy saving based on intelligent analysis of multi-RAT and multi-frequency networks, and finally ensure the networks with high reliability, optimal experience and energy efficiency.

FWA(Fixed Wireless Access) has become the new basic service in 5G era. Huawei provides accurate service provisioning evaluation, automatically allocates wireless network resources to FWA service requirements, helps network planning based on comprehensive analysis of network and user experience, and proactively manages user experience to meet personalized service.

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