Gigabit home broadband becomes new growth engine

Giga Home Bursts New Growth

The new era of Home+ has been coming. People working and studying at home become an inelastic demand. Home broadband is transferring from the entertainment center to the multifunctional center. Through building high-quality home broadband with ultimate gigabit experience, Huawei's SingleFan Pro solution will help operators seize opportunities to achieve differentiated business development and rapid revenue growth.

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    Giga Upgrading

    Build a cost-effective full-fiber access network to support the upgrade of home broadband from 100 Mbps to
    1 Gbps

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    Giga Everywhere

    Fiber to the room, providing lossless gigabit coverage with ultimate home experience

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    Giga Multiservice

    Develop diversified application scenarios, such as online education, home office, live broadcast etc., to boost operators' revenue

Industry Perspective

  • Intelligent Experiences Unlock New Value

    The world is entering an age of intelligent connectivity. In response to this, Huawei and carriers strive to bring intelligent connectivity with deterministic experience, ubiquitous gigabit speed, and hyper-automation, so that full connectivity is available to homes and enterprises.

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  • Full-Fiber Strategy is Achieving Gigabit Spain

    Diego Otero, Deputy Director of telco market analysis at CNMC, explains the benefits of full-fiber networks and why a good regulatory framework is needed to foster investments and at the same time sustaining competition. In Spain, access to passive infrastructure, infrastructure sharing and public state aids for the less densely populated areas are the major approaches to realize full-fiber network rollout.

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Success Stories

China Mobile Jiangxi: Wi-Fi Experience for Campus Broadband

The campus broadband network is an important infrastructure for promoting the construction, application and sharing of premium digital education resources, creating an online learning space and promoting teacher-teacher, teacher-student, and student-student interactions.

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Hot Technology

Together with HKT Hong Kong and Globe Philippines, Huawei held an online commercial release conference to launch the AirPON solution and share its innovative applications. This solution reuses existing wireless sites to build full-fibre access networks for mobile operators quickly and at a low cost.

The ODN: Market Driven by Innovation report released by IDATE DigiWorld rated the Huawei DQ ODN as a leading innovation thanks to its fast fiber deployment and enhanced digital management for optical distribution network (ODN).

Huawei SingleFAN Pro solution provides a series of sub-solutions, including AirPON, BusinessPON, CurbPON, Digital QuickODN, embedded AI (eAI) ONT, and Flex-PON (A-B-C-D-E-F), to help global operators deploy gigabit full-fiber access networks in various scenarios.