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10 Gbit/s All-Optical Access Redefining Five-Star Excellence for Home Broadband

Huawei's exclusive solutions, such as Flex-PON, QuickODN, NCE, and APS, help carriers build cost-effective yet five-star quality 10 Gbit/s all-optical networks. The five-star quality HBB rating system was released by the IHS after a lot of end user experience analysis.

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    Best ROI

    Precise analysis of resources and identification of high-value areas to help select broadband deployment schemes

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    Infrastructure Synergy & Sharing

    Collaboration, infrastructure sharing, and fixed-mobile synergy to achieve efficient fiber network construction

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    Experience Customization

    Self-service network configuration to build best-experience home networks

Industry Perspective

Success Stories

China Mobile Beijing: Intelligent Home Broadband O&M

This Video is a case study of China Mobile Beijing’s intelligent home broadband O&M. It introduces the successful practice of ODN optical root cause intelligent recognition which helps China Mobile Beijing to improve its operation and maintenance efficiency by 50% and reduce its door-to-door rate by 30% in handling of group faults, individual faults and weak optical power issues.

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China Mobile Jiangxi: Wi-Fi Experience for Campus Broadband

The campus broadband network is an important infrastructure for promoting the construction, application and sharing of premium digital education resources, creating an online learning space and promoting teacher-teacher, teacher-student, and student-student interactions. However, the current campus network has widespread problems such as ageing networks, low access rates, and poor experience in Internet access. Based on the characteristics of campus network users and the pain points and demands, China Mobile Nanchang and Huawei jointly set up a campus broadband Wi-Fi solution in order to create secure, reliable and efficient campus broadband experience.

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The Fibre-based National Broadband of Saudi Arabiad

The National Broadband Network of Saudi Arabia is a most important platform to enable the Vision 2030...

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T-Mobile Czech Republic on WTTx: Innovative approach to FBB and FMC

An in-dept interview with T-Mobile Czech Republic on WTTx benefits, pricing, FMC, overall FBB strategy, as well as implications to other operators.

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SIRO Gets Serious about Gigabit

Aiming to take Ireland into the age of next-gen connectivity, SIRO is a joint venture between Vodafone Ireland and the nation’s state-owned electric utility, ESB. The JV is investing €450 million in Ireland’s first 100 percent fiber-to-the-building (FTTB) broadband network, offering speeds of 1 Gbps and connecting 500,000 premises in 50 Irish towns.

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Sichuan Telecom: All-Seeing with All-Optical

Sichuan Telecom’s all-optical network has slashed OPEX, lowered broadband prices, and solved the problem of running multiple parallel networks. The China Telecom subsidiary sought to bridge the digital divide, resulting in a scheme that’s a globally relevant example of delivering universal broadband services.

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How Two Telcos Succeeded in Europe with Video

Business transformation drives company growth for telcos and other companies looking to enter the telecoms space. The key to business transformation is developing and promoting new service applications and creating the right business models to maximize service take up and payback.

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Ireland Imagine: Profitable Rural Broadband with WTTx

Ireland Imagine deploys 3.5GHz LTE as dedicated carriers to offer superfast broadband service in rural Ireland. The coverage radius is over 10KM with 100% outdoor CPE. The ARPU is on par with superfast Cable/FTTH broadband service in the city, making the business case positive and profitable. Imagine is dedicated to expanding the network to more areas across Ireland.

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Hot Technology

More countries are implementing FTTH policies. Although FTTH will burden building developers, laying broadband conduits together with other utilities incurs very low cost, but the benefits are immense, especially in areas with a high concentration of new or renovated residences.

The high costs of FTTH means that savings must be made to ensure scheme viability. An electric power infrastructure allows FTTH to be deployed more cost effectively than a new build. Power companies and telcos can set up various types of partnerships to ensure FTTH business success.

At MWC 2018, Huawei releases a series of new WTTx terminal solutions, allowing operators to improve coverage and data rates and provide a diverse range of services.