Mobile Network Digital Integration and Operation

By using digital and intelligent methods, data flows are streamlined and work flows are optimized to automate and speed up mobile network construction. This supports the sustainable development of carriers' services.

Business Value
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    Fast TTM

    Uses the E2E digital platform, innovative digital solution, and global delivery resources, deploying services rapidly and shortening TTM greatly.

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    Digital Management

    Improves the accuracy of site information and facilitates carriers' digital transformation.

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    High Quality Delivery

    Carries out standardized and intelligent service delivery based on the overall process quality assurance system, reducing fault risks.


Accelerating 5G Deployment by Digital Technology

Huawei introduces photogrammetry technology and BIM modeling technology into telecommunication engineering, to change survey and construction mode of site and accelerate 5G deployment.

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Huawei Digital Engineering Solution Enables Rapid 5G Network Deployment

Huawei Global Services has delivered successful global practices through a digital platform. We aim to provide customers with the most effective network construction solution available, enabling rapid and efficient 5G deployment.

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  • Indoor Coverage Digitalization

    The Indoor Coverage Digitalization solution improves indoor network construction efficiency and achieves optimal TCO. With digital architecture, indoor networks can smoothly evolve to 5G without incurring extra costs. Digital O&M and optimization effectively cut OPEX. Carriers are therefore one step closer to achieving business success.

  • Digital Sites

    The Wireless Sites and Networks Based Digital Site solution provides innovative services such as digital surveys, 3D design, and AI quality checks. The solution helps carriers lay foundations for digital transformation by using digital twins technology, improving network construction efficiency and shortening TTM.

  • MBB Digital Integration

    The advanced digital delivery platform is built to continuously apply state-of-art technologies to site surveys, designs, commissioning, and acceptance. Innovative delivery and business models that have shorter TTM, higher delivery quality, and optimal network experience are applied to scenarios such as new deployment, capacity expansion, swapping, and evolution. This helps carriers achieve success.

  • PowerStar Energy Saving

    As the scale of wireless networks increases, carriers' networks consume more power. The PowerStar Energy Saving solution continuously improves sites' energy efficiency and uses online AI technology to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. This maximizes the energy saving of base stations and maintains stable KPIs, reducing OPEX.