Telco Cloud

Telco Cloud Solution

NFV and SDN are the most disruptive technologies in the telecommunications industry so far.Similarly, cloud computing and full automation technologies are required to provide agile, flexible, seamless service experience on target architectures and transform networks. An agile, flexible platform is the basis for network architecture reconstruction, and Huawei's Telco Cloud is such a platform. It uses an open, distributed architecture and carries diversified services to help carriers achieve their business goals. Huawei provides industry-standard, open solutions and flexibly deploys cloud application functions (such as CloudEPC).

Customer Value
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    Telecommunications services can be rolled out quickly, shortening TTM.

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    The entire Telco Cloud process can be automated.

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    Carrier-class reliability can be provided with 99.999% uptime.

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    The architecture complies with standard protocols, and supports many different types of services and hardware.

Solution Features

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Reliable: Cloud is the basis of 5G networks, and the dual-stack converged architecture is more reliable than others in the industry.

TCC with dual-stack converged architecture: VMs, VM-based containers, and bare metal containers form a comprehensive pool, supporting convergent 4G/5G network evolution and unified resource management , and enhancement for telco requirement.
Secure: Security containers, host intrusion detection, and VM/container anti-evasion ensure high security and reliability.

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Agile: Intelligent and simple O&M automates the whole process.

Automatic O&M: Services can recover from faults in seconds through fault isolation and self-healing; one-click NFVI information collection quickly locates faults; batch NFVI upgrades do not interrupt services; and faulty parts can be replaced with just one click, halving replacement time.
Automatic delivery: The automatic network design-deployment-test tool chain provides end-to-end continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), SDN enables intra-DC and inter-DC network communications, and 5G slices can be rolled out in just hours.


5G-oriented Telco Cloud: The Cloud Native architecture can be smoothly evolved to 5G, protecting investment.

Cloud Native: Microservices and containers are supported to implement fast 5G service rollout and innovation.
Smooth evolution: The Cloud Native-based 5G architecture is ready for smooth evolution to 5G SA networks.


Open:Open applications and hardware,and Open-source collaboration.

Open applications and hardware: Provides community-compatible APIs and interfaces to incorporate applications.Supports mainstream third-party COTS hardware.
Open-source collaboration: Huawei is one of the top contributors in the OpenStack community, and actively synchronizes the latest community release to Huawei FusionSphere OpenStack.