Intelligent Operations

Based on AI and big data technologies, and Huawei’s extensive management experience in more than 160 networks, AUTIN is designed as the solution brand of Intelligent Operations, which combines automation and intelligence.
This solution is powered by the intelligent operation platform Operation Web Services (OWS) and offers managed services and operation web services. It improves network operation quality and efficiency, helps operators reduce TTM and save TCO, facilitating carriers to become digital service providers.

Business Value
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    Intelligent Operation Platform OWS

    Uses the microservice architecture deployed on the cloud. Operation engineers can directly orchestrate apps.

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    Digital Workforce

    Helps transform traditional engineers to data, algorithm, mathematics and automation engineers.

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    Digital Operation

    All online: zero network risks;
    Automation: zero Network Operations Center (NOC) intervention;
    Intelligent operation: zero service outage.


  • Managed Services

    Transform traditional mobile and network managed services to ICT operation. Include managed mobile network operation, managed fixed network operation, managed NFV operation, and managed IT operation services and managed enterprise cloud operation services that can be provided in multi-vendor scenarios.

  • Operation Web Services

    Provide operation consulting and SaaS model services in three different scenarios: mobile network operation, HBB & Enterprise service operation, NFV & 5G operation.

  • Robust Network Services

    Use big data analysis and AI technologies to evaluate and predict network risks. Dedicated service solutions are developed accordingly to eliminate potential network problems and risks. The services help build robust networks that are highly reliable, stable, and connected; provide efficient operation; and improve network competitiveness, increasing carriers' revenues.