AUTIN,Unleash the Power of Operations

AUTIN is a knowledge-driven and AI-powered intelligent operations service solution for digital O&M transformation. Based on the assurance experience of more than 1,500 networks worldwide, Huawei continuously to update new innovations and O&M experience on the next-generation operation platform, OWS. In addition, by opening the capabilities of the platform, global carriers, ecosystem partners and Huawei can work together to transform human-dominant O&M to intelligent O&M through man-machine collaboration.

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Business Value
  • 1

    Improved Quality

    Prediction and prevention to eliminate major potential faults; Intelligent diagnosis to reduce the network downtime; Intelligent network change assistance to reduce human mistakes and ensure user experience.

  • 2

    Reduced Costs

    Automation and intelligence reduce repetitive daily tasks and sites visits in order to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and optimize O&M costs.

  • 3

    Accelerated Transformation

    Open knowledge platform and capabilities and work with industry partners to jointly enable customers to transform to intelligent O&M for business success.


  • Managed Services

    Based on the global network O&M centers, industry leading O&M framework MSUP, the unified AI-powered O&M platform OWS, all O&M functions and activities are highly and efficiently adapted to the organization, processes and platform. This allow us to provide intelligent based Managed Services for delivering excellent operations in different scenarios include traditional and 5G mobile networks, fixed networks and convergence scenarios.

  • Intelligent Operation Cloud Services

    AUTIN to encapsulate rich O&M knowledge assets, for network O&M, O&M transformation, and AI based enablement and data services. By delivering automation and intelligence through man-machine collaboration, people will play a greater role with the assistance of machines, and will help customers to transform to cloud based, open, and intelligent operations.