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Best 5G Through Global Services

The most efficient networking plan, the best performing networks, and excellent user experience are key to the fast rollout and commercial success of 5G. The standard, digital, and platform-based delivery capabilities of Huawei 5G services efficiently build high-quality networks. To differentiate experiences and accelerate commercial success, Huawei applies intelligent technology to plan and optimize network performance, provide efficient O&M, and support flexible and fast 5G service provisioning.

Business Value
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    Precise Planning

    For optimal coverage and ROI, identify high-value areas where targets in network quality and experience such as latency and data rates are to be met.

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    Deployment and Integration

    Apps greatly improve survey efficiency, and AI acceptance based on software-hardware synergy accelerates service rollout. Scenario-based lean design increases the value of indoor-distributed networks and protects investment in the installed base. Toolchain and TaaS support fast and secure 5G core network construction and SA network evolution.

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    Optimal Network Optimization

    4G and 5G networks are collaboratively optimized to ensure the experience of "ONE network". New 5G technologies are fully utilized for optimizing latency and data rates, to maximize network performance and give carriers an edge over the competition.

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    Excellent Operation

    New 5G service experience becomes measurable, monitorable, and manageable. Active O&M improves O&M efficiency and reliability. 5G billing supports a closed loop of 5G NSA and SA, and accelerates value monetization.


B.E.S.T. Network Helps Carrier Continue to Lead in the 5G Era

Ultimate network performance is the cornerstone for ensuring the leading position of carrier networks. To ensure optimal network performance, network planning must be accurate before network construction, and intelligent network optimization must be performed to meet changing service requirements in live network.

Digitization Simplified 5G Deployment

Combining an expertise in the future technologies of AI and Cloud Computing, Huawei is leading the new wave of telecom tech with 5G. With effective base stations already established in over 170 regions around the world, Huawei is now making it more efficient for engineers to do site survey.

Robust Network Service, Accelerate To Intelligent Maintenance

Huawei Robust Network Service with AI enabled predictive maintenance, will help you achieve a stable, reliable and always available communications network, and Huawei is spearheading over 20 Robust Network Service projects globally. Intelligent Maintenance Future is Here and Now!


  • 5G Business Design and Network Consulting

    How do we achieve commercial success in the 5G era? To address this issue, Huawei provides services such as: commercial feasibility analysis, service development planning and design, product/offering design and GTM guidance, service operation strategy and guidance, value operation consulting, and operation optimization consulting. Huawei also provides end-to-end planning for wireless networks, core networks, transport networks, and data centers. This is to help carriers build networks when they need them, make precise investments, support efficient service expansion, and shorten the TTM. Huawei works with carriers to create an upswing in business.

  • 5G Precise Planning

    As 5G flourishes, Huawei has built more than 40 mapping models from new 5G services to network requirements and KPIs, which are based on its X Labs, open labs, and E-Labs in order to coordinate planning services and networks. We achieve more precise indoor and outdoor radio network planning using technologies such as multi-dimensional valuable area selection, Huawei-patented Rayce propagation model, Massive MIMO Pattern platinum parameter recommendation, network-wide building-level 3D simulation, and SLAM. The fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) and mobile edge computing (MEC) planning for core networks meet the requirements for bandwidth, latency, and reliability.

  • 5G Digital Construction

    Huawei provides digital wireless site and network construction services, including digital surveys; instant evaluations about site space, load, and energy; 3D model design; and AI quality inspection. This solution helps carriers build digital twins for sites while improving network construction efficiency and quality for faster service rollout.

  • 5G Digital Indoor Coverage Solution

    The Digital Indoor Coverage Solution (ICS) utilizes an AI-predicted evolution evaluation model to develop the best evolution path, which maximizes the value of indoor distribution networks and protects current investments. Our lean designs of indoor cabling by functional zones are based on automatically identified and modeled walls and textures. For indoor 5G 2B scenarios, we provide a digital location engine that integrates cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth locating to improve indoor positioning accuracy and empower carriers' 2B services.

  • 5G Core Network Integration

    The application integration toolchain is used to efficiently build 5G NSA/SA core networks and support the SA evolution for 5 million users per migration. We provide professional commercial assurance to support real-time service alerts and fault locating in minutes, mitigating risks from the start. We also accelerate service rollout through TaaS autonomous service tests and differentiated core network QoS assurances.

  • 5G Optimal Network Optimization

    This solution aims to achieve optimal network performance. It uses iterative optimization algorithms, SSB-CSI dual-layer beam coordination, and multi-stream beam to optimize the Massive MIMO Platinum Parameters, which improve coverage performance and user data rate. Through coordinated optimization of 4G and 5G networks, this solution ensures lossless 4G and optimal 5G. With a wealth of expert experience and consolidated rules, this solution helps carriers quickly resolve data transmission performance issues and ensures optimal network performance KPIs and user experience.

  • 5G Intelligent O&M

    This solution transforms O&M from being passive to being proactive and preventive. This provides automatic cross-domain and cross-vendor network topology generation, cross-layer NE diagnosis, hardware sub-health and massive service fault prediction and prevention. It supports visualized and manageable network and IP paths, shortens fault demarcation, improves 5G network reliability, improves O&M efficiency, and keeps OPEX growth under control.

  • 5G User Experience Management

    Gbit/s-level probes to support measurable, visualized, and manageable 5G services. This solution is the first to support end-to-end cloud VR experience management and differentiated experience assurance for multiple new services. It provides data and insights for marketing, sales, planning, and customer service departments to help them with operations and to improve user experience.

  • 5G Monetization

    Huawei's 5G convergent billing solution, based on five natives (Agile, ROADS, Cloud, Ecosystem, and Analytics), activates multi-dimensional and open charging solution to help carriers accelerate 5G service monetization and achieve closed-loop business. Through continuous and stable investment, Huawei convergent billing solution has taken the lead in standards, architecture, monetization and practices, serving more than 2.2 billion subscribers of more than 200 carriers worldwide.

  • 5G Talent Development

    Huawei 5G talent development includes three service modules: consulting, training, and certification. It provides training products such as Practical Training Camp and Expert Training Camp so carriers have ready-to-go professionals in 5G network construction, agile O&M, and service operations. It also provides training products such as 5G Strategy Exploration and 5G Business Approach. These take carriers step-by-step from making a 5G strategy to implementing it, as well as share leading practical insights about 5G from Huawei and the industry.