Prefabricated Modular Data Center

Prefabricated Modular Data Center

Huawei FusionDC prefabricated modular data center solution includes Huawei's advanced series of data center infrastructure products, pre-integrated intelligent temperature control system, intelligent power supply and distribution system, intelligent lithium battery system, cabinet system, fire extinguishing system, and intelligent management system, help customers build simple, green, smart, and reliable data centers.

Huawei FusionDC has unique advantages in rapid deployment, initial investment reduction, elastic capacity expansion, and intelligent O&M. It can effectively cope with the challenges brought by rapid growth of cloud, AI, and 5G services to data center construction.

1000 Racks @ 6 Months, Huawei FusionDC Set a New Benchmark for Data Center Construction


Fully modular design, multi-level elastic architecture, and on-demand construction. One-generation DC adapts to multi-generation IT infrastructure evolution, reducing initial investment, and improving IRR by 2%. Factory pre-integration and pre-commissioning: Onsite civil work and factory production are performed at the same time, shortening the delivery time by more than 50%.


Unique system-level energy efficiency optimization@iCooling, AI enabled, and average PUE reduced by 8% to 15%; Assembling buildings are green in construction, with a recycling rate of more than 80%. Compared with traditional buildings, the assembling buildings reduce construction waste and water consumption by 80%.


Digital visualized O&M and full-lifecycle intelligent management technologies reduce O&M costs by 35% and improve resource utilization by 20%.


Fully comply with architectural design standards and support a design life of up to 50 years. 9-degree earthquake resistance; 120 minutes fire resistance; IP55/IP65 protection and factory acceptance test (what you see is what you get).