Facing the long-term coexistence of multiple modes and systems, Huawei's SingleRAN solution, through software and hardware innovation, innovation of base station form,the sharing of spectrum resources, to the evolution of network architecture, build a simplified, intelligent, green wireless network.


  • Green

    Three-layer energy-saving architecture of Huawei's wireless network, adhering to the "Bit-driven-Watt" concept, with AI technology and expert experience, to achieve multi-band, multi-system network collaborative energy saving, remove invalid network energy consumption, and promote the construction of a green and fully connected 5G world.

  • SuperUplink

    Guided by industry demand, we will meet the vertical development of the vertical industry in the 5G era. Super uplink can realize TDD/FDD coordination, high frequency/low frequency complementation, time domain/frequency domain aggregation, further improve data uplink capability, reduce delay, and meet vertical network business demand for network.

  • Evolution to 5G

    Huawei's inventory hardware can support 5G through software upgrades to protect operators' investment and improve 5G deployment efficiency. Huawei enables fast 5G introduction through NSA which would evolve to SA, with the support of coexistance of NSA and SA in one network.

  • CloudAIR

    CloudAIR 3.0 helps operators maximize the value of spectrum assets when it comes to 5G evolution, which helps operators to improve the investment income of the network.

  • Super BladeSite

    Huawei's Super BladeSite solution, based on the simplification concept, solves the challenges of the customer's pole resource , machine room, transmission, power supply and distribution during the site deployment process through modularization, componentization, and full outdoor design, enabling 5G worry-free deployment.