SmartPCC Solution


The SmartPCC solution supports policy control for 2G/3G/4G/5G networks, providing session-management policies, access policies, mobility policies, and UE policies. It supports operators to transform from extensive traffic management to refined experience management, thus uplift the utilities of network resources. The SmartPCC solution adopts a leading micro-service architecture based on the container technology, which implements the micro-service level management and agile policy and assists operators to release differentiate services quickly.

Customer Value
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    Agile service innovation

    Allow user DIY flexible multi-dimensional bundle, new services are quickly launched.

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    Smooth 5G evolution

    Legacy version and containerized version hybrid networking, and users will upgrade 5G with zero perception.

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    Best user experience

    Allow users to access the best network plane and provide the best network experience.

Solution Features

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Leading architecture for agile innovation

SmartPCC adopts container-based microservice architecture to implement microservice-level software management, support new features and agile monthly releases.

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Agile policy to improve TTM

SmartPCC provides diversified policy control capabilities to achieve differentiated SLA service configuration and release quickly.

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Seamless network 4G/5G

SmartPCC supports legacy version and containerized version hybrid networking to protect operators' existing investments and effectively manage investments. SmartPCC supports smooth user data migration for 5g evolution.

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Differentiated experience control

Based on the user, application, location, and other dimensions, SmartPCC provides users with the best network access type, network frequency band or nework slicing, offering the best user experience.