Site facility management system

Site facility management system

Huawei NetEco focus on digital and intelligent management of site facility including power, battery, DG and environment sensors. Through synergy with power, AI big data analysis, NetEco can help customer realize energy saving, efficient O&M, reliable power supply and secure site.

Intelligent Energy Network for Green Energy and Efficient O&M

Green & energy saving

NetEco can realize energy saving through visible analysis and energy optimization. Basing on SEE & Bit/Watt KPI, NetEco can identify abnormal energy consumption and provide optimized suggestion, finally realize energy saving.

Intelligent O&M

  • NetEco remote management can reduce site visit through remote device inspection and fault location.
  • NetEco KPI management can help customer improve site reliability. PAV and battery SOH analysis can identify troubled site and poor battery which can realize precise modernization. NetEco can define different backup time for load branch to improve reliability of important load branch.
  • NetEco security management have device-level, site-level and network-level antitheft measures to reduce site theft. Through keyless Bluetooth lock, linkage snapshot and GPS tracking protect site asset.