CaaS Solution

The Huawei CaaS solution helps carrier use the existing networks to provide new services, develop new markets, and build a perfect ecosystem.

In the mobile Internet era, services are subject to long tail trends. The traditional closed service development mode cannot adapt trends in mobile Internet services in terms of speed or quantity.

The Huawei Communication as a Service (CaaS) solution provides a capability openness, management, and operation platform to integrate and open up carriers' network capability, data capability, and operatin capability, helping carriers build a creative ecosystem.

Customer Value

Diverse Services

Enrich service experience and increase telecom service revenue.

Open Platform

Revitalizes carrier network assets, attract more subscribers, and expands service areas

Quick Service Release

Facilitates service development, reduces costs, and shortens the TTM.

Simplified Deployment and Maintenance

Cloud-based unified network management and maintenance

Technical Topics

Typical CaaS Application – Call Center

The CaaS solution helps small- and medium-sized enterprises deploy cost-effective, highly integrated, expansible, and manageable call centers. The enterprises rent devices instead of deploying them.

Typical CaaS Application – E-Commerce

The CaaS platform facilitates better communication between e-commerce and users and protects user privacy.

Typical CaaS Application – Telemedicine

High-quality communication capability provided by the CaaS platform enables e-health to be more convenient, efficient, and secure.

Typical CaaS Application – Unified Enterprise Communication

The CaaS platform facilitates communication and collaboration, bringing new mobile office experience.

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The Huawei VoLTE solution evolves from CS to all-IP VoLTE networks to provide HD voice, HD video, and rich media services for subscribers.

DSP Solution

As a next-generation solution evolved from the Huawei SingleSDB and SmartPCC solutions, the Huawei DSP solution helps carriers efficiently monetize and maximize data assets.

Fixed Network Modernization

Huawei has gained rich experience in the fixed network modernization project. Huawei can help customers quickly and securely implement network reconstruction and inherit all old services to provide more multimedia services.

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