Access Network

The global ultra-broadband industry is about to see another round of prosperity, because the fixed network is entering the Gigaband era. Gigaband infrastructure is the paving stone for worldwide connections in the future. As a world leader in the fixed access domain, Huawei has the most professional access product and solution R&D team and extensive experience in engineering delivery, which has helped Huawei to serve one third of the world's broadband users.

Huawei access network provides access devices for FTTB, FTTC, FTTD, FTTH, and D-CCAP scenarios as well as matched outdoor cabinets, and ODN products for offering "one-stop" Gigaband access solutions to customers.

Product Portfolio


The MA5800 is an 8K ready OLT platform supporting PON, 10G PON, and TWDM PON in the Gigaband era.


The ODN and iODN series provides fiber-optic infrastructure networks for Gigaband networks. The product involves the optical cable resource protection, splicing, branching, distribution, and optical splitting fields.


The MxU series supports various access modes, including DSL, LAN, and D-CCAP, meeting demands of broadband, narrowband, and private line services.


The outdoor cabinet series supports installation on a wall, a pole, a pedestal, and an elevated platform. Cabinets with direct ventilation, enclosed cabinets with passive heat dissipation, and cabinets with a heat exchanger are flexibly applied in FTTB, FTTC, and FTTH scenarios.

Home Terminal

The home terminal series can connect to Gigaband networks through fibers, copper lines, network cables, and coaxial cables.