Access Network

In the world, 234 operators in 57 countries have released gigabit services. Gigabit access has become the cornerstone of intelligent societies. As a leader in global fixed access solutions, Huawei continues to lead technological innovation and is committed to helping operators build ultra-broadband access networks centered on user experience. Now, Huawei access products are serving one third of global broadband users. The Huawei SingleFAN Pro solution, smart home network solution, and E2E optical access products such as OLTs, ONUs, outdoor cabinets, and smart home terminals provide users with ultimate broadband service experience.

Product Portfolio


The MA5800 is an 8K ready OLT platform supporting PON, 10G PON, and TWDM PON in the Gigaband era.


ODN products are used in fiber infrastructure for Gigaband networks. The products provide functions such as optical cable protection, splicing, branching, distribution, and splitting. ODN products include the following.


The ONU series products provide various interfaces, such as DSL, LAN, POTS, and Wi-Fi, to meet FTTO, FTTB/C, and FTTM requirements. The products provide users with various services such as high-speed broadband, wireless office, enterprise private line, voice, and video surveillance.


The outdoor cabinet series provides highly reliable and enclosed outdoor site solutions for outdoor FTTC/FTTH/ transmission scenarios. The products support installation on a wall, pole, pedestal, and elevated platform.

Home Network

The home terminal series can connect to Gigaband networks through fibers, copper lines, network cables, and coaxial cables. 

Cable CMC

The Huawei Cable CMC solution helps MSOs use existing coaxial networks to bear services such as gigabit broadband, HD video, voice, and enterprise private line services. In addition, the solution can achieve FTTH convergent network construction and help operators realize business success.