iManager N2510

iManager N2510 Line Assurance System is an industry-leading integrated optical-copper line expert diagnostic system. It consists of a copper line test system (LTS), analysis and optimization (AOS), and optical line supervision (OLS). iManager N2510 helps carriers locate faults and improve line quality, service provisioning efficiency, and line bandwidth. In this way, service quality is improved and OPEX is reduced.

Integrated optical-copper management

  • N2510 supports integrated optical-copper management. It can manage optical and copper lines at the same time, greatly reducing deployment costs.
  • N2510 provides a unified fault detection platform and a unified operation style, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing users' learning costs. 
  • Fault demarcation and precise location

  • For copper lines, N2510 supports both software and hardware tests and provides powerful end-to-end (E2E) test functions, its fault diagnosis covering COs, lines, and CPEs. N2510 can demarcate a fault in as little as 30 seconds and locate the fault to a meter precision.
  • For optical fibers, N2510 realizes fast fault demarcation, precise location of fiber breaks, and intuitive display of the faults in a logical topology. 
  • Improving line quality and ensuring service experience

  • N2510 provides line analytics, furnishing carriers with a live network rate fulfillment ratio, bit error rate (BER), dropped connection rate and line length. In this way, carriers can ascertain the network health status and export a list of faulty ports to eliminate potential problems before users encounter these problems, thereby transforming passive O&M into proactive O&M.
  • N2510 supports service update evaluation. By analyzing the historical line operating data, N2510 makes accurate evaluation of the maximum attainable rate to satisfy service requirements under the prerequisite of maintaining stable performance.
  • By supporting DLM automatic analysis and optimization, N2510 automatically generates the optimal line parameter profile for each line and supports automatic issuance, improving line stability and greatly reducing BER and dropped connection rate. 
  • Improving service provisioning efficiency and line bandwidth

  • By line pre-evaluation, N2510 determines whether the line has any fault that will affect service provisioning, and evaluates post-provisioning attainable upstream and downstream rates.
  • DSM adopts Huawei's in-house APO algorithm, which is an industry-leading technique to minimize crosstalk impact, exploit the DSL line potential, and improve line bandwidth.