SmartWi-Fi Solution

Mobile videos and ultra-HD IPTV services continuously drive development of ultra broadband. Home users now require Wi-Fi services with high bandwidth, low latency and wide coverage. Operators are also building home networks driven by services and experience. Huawei SmartWi-Fi solution provides diverse intelligent terminal devices and smart networking modes, building a home network based on user experience. The solution enhances operators' broadband service quality by providing full Wi-Fi coverage, efficient cloud O&M, and video service assurance.

Customer Value

Full Wi-Fi coverage

Distributed home network centered by a gateway; Plug& Play, configuration-free; tri-band AP mesh networking, satisfying Wi-Fi requirements of different scenarios

Cloud O&M

Cloud O&M and user app self-service to reduce onsite visits. precise analysis and operations to identify high-value customers, improving service experience and ARPU

SmartWi-Fi for 4K video

Guaranteeing video experience at the physical layer and data link layer

Technical Topics

White Paper of Home Wi-Fi Networks with Optimal User Experience

This document systematically presents a home network experience measurement standard key quality indicator (KQI) and key performance indicator (KPI) for home gateways.

Technical White Paper on the SmartWi-Fi 4K Video Transmission Solution

This document describes the technical principles, KQIs, and deployment suggestions for home Wi-Fi networks with optimal 4K video experience.

Optimal Wi-Fi for Every Corner in Your House

A short video shows you how Huawei high performance tri-band AP delivers Wi-Fi coverage for large houses.

How Huawei Premium Home Wi-Fi Is Tempered

What makes your internet connection so slow when you are already using a high-speed home Wi-Fi? Why does it get worse when more devices are connected to the same router? Huawei Wi-Fi testing center in Wuhan gives you the best answer.