Smart Home

Huawei Smart Home solution introduces a more flexible and rich innovative NetOpen platform based on the traditional FTTH solution. It mobilizes the inventory assets of telecommunication carriers and replaces common home broadband terminals with smart terminals. In addition to the Internet services of PCs, smart phones, tablets, and other traditional telecommunication devices, it also integrates Internet-of-Things devices, such as home security protection devices, and smart home devices and appliances into telecommunication carrier networks. This enables customers to control the home devices and appliances from any location.

Customer Value

Smart Experience

Visualized management over home devices: smart ONTs integrating standard drivers such as ZigBee and Zwave, enable mainstream smart home and security protection devices to access the Internet easily

Smart Interconnection

The 1 GHz Wi-Fi network covers all areas in the house. USBs can extend home storage to build a high-quality home entertainment center

Smart Services

Smart security protection and home services increase the values of carriers' broadband services. Carriers can promote the development of broadband services by taking advantages of their channels to achieve intelligent broadband acceleration