Huawei RTN microwave series integrates leading-edge technologies in transmission, wireless RF, and data communication. The solution's advanced concepts combine IP microwave, broadband, and networking capabilities with advanced TDM/Hybrid/Packet integration designs. The platforms support TDM services to smoothly upgrade to the hybrid or pure packet mode to satisfy multi-service bearer requirements in 2G, 3G, and LTE deployment scenarios. The new era requires new technology, and Huawei has launched a full range of solutions, including full-outdoor, new band (millimetric wave), and long-haul microwave to completely satisfy all requirements in mobile backhaul network builds both now and well into the future.

Product Portfolio

Split-mount Microwave

Huawei’s split-mount microwave RTN 900 series is the first TDM/Hybrid/Packet/Routing integrated IP microwave in the industry.


Huawei 2nd generation full outdoor E-band microwave operates at 71 GHz to 86 GHz and adopt carrier-grade design.


V-band solution highly integrates full-outdoor product operating at the V-band, a frequency band from 59 GHz - 64 GHz.


Huawei second generation full outdoor microwave operating at 6 GHz to 42 GHz.

Agile IP Longhaul Microwave

Huawei RTN Agile IP Longhaul Microwave is the new generation longhaul microwave transmission system more flexible design.