Smart Small Data Center

The Huawei FusionModule800 smart small data center is a revolution in data center design with its emphasis on simplicity, efficiency, and reliability.

Rack-mountable with variable frequency air-conditioning that provides consistent cooling throughout high-density data centers while maintaining a small footprint and low energy cost. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and integrated distribution of operations ensures reliable performance, even in the face of momentary power loss. Intelligently managed humidity and temperature monitoring systems prevents the risk of damage due to fire or condensation.

Get big results for small costs with the FusionModule800 data center. 

Simple delivery, rapid deployment, high efficiency, and low PUE smart small data center

Easy: View management, friendly interface helps users control data center information. Configuration tool, flexible simulate DC design and layout. Mobile APP, O&M anytime, anywhere.

Reliable: Alarm management, Quick locate data center fault. Work-order management, Unifies Event Handling Process. Pre-alarm management, to eliminate potential failures in advance. Battery management, to identify the failure cell. Over 100 data protection mechanisms guarantee security.

Efficient: Centralized management improves O&M efficiency. Smooth Expansion makes stage of deployment easy. Energy Efficiency Management & Optimization.