Telecom Energy OSS

Huawei iManager NetEco is a professional energy infrastructure management platform. It provides accurate O&M management, especially on energy efficiency management, with optimal use of technologies of digitization, intellectualization and interconnection. It ensures a smooth communication and end to end high efficiency network with minimized OPEX. 

Simple, Efficient and Reliable Site Energy Management System

Reliable: Easy to construct (site data acquisition unit omitted SCADA solution, 500 USD saved per site); Easy to deploy (automatic discovery of site controller, automatic configuration, plug-and-play); Easy to use (complete B/S structure, no OSS software needed on client, mobile App makes O&M anytime and anywhere).

Efficient: High efficiency power supply ensuring (end-to-end energy efficiency management of component-site-entire network, pre-warning for abnormal energy consumption and energy efficiency, expert optimization advice); Efficient O&M supporting (one-key analysis, smart fault locating, expert troubleshooting guide and closed loop O&M experience database).

Reliable: High power availability ensuring (proactive O&M, state of health management for diesel generator and battery, timely identifying the sub-healthy and abnormal ones); Security safeguarding and refined O&M (smart anti-pilferage, maintenance reminder, refueling reminder and audit, diesel generator operation audit); Full range self-diagnosis includes four levels self-diagnosis of 'sensor-component-system-entire network'.