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Customer Care Solution

Huawei Customer Care solution provides a complete set of customer information management modules based on a customer-centric view, which provides the query functionality for the modules of business acceptance, business change and relevant customer information. It also displays comprehensive customer information, which is helpful for the marketing and service departments to accurately locate the position of marketing operation and customer service through a one-stop service to improve customer satisfaction.


Huawei Customer Care solution is sourced from the understanding of more than ten years of experience in the field of telecommunications. It provides the overall business operation support for operators, along with the following characteristics:

End-to-End Solution for Full Business Process

Huawei Customer Care, the critical part of the Huawei overall Business Supporting System (BSS) solution, implements the full business process solution by efficiently integrating the systems including network equipment, application servers, intelligent network (IN), mobile data service platform (MDSP), Mediation, Billing, Partner Relationship Management (PRM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Call Center, IVR and Network Management System (NMS) and so on.

Compliance with Next-generation Operation Supporting System and Software (NGOSS) Specification

Huawei Customer Care solution takes flexibility and agility as the important principles of its overall design, development and implementation. It is based on the architecture of the TMF NGOSS specification. During the process of design, development and deployment, the business process models are provided by the eTOM model with the business entities of classified services, and shared information and data models are provided by Information Shared and Data Model (SID). Huawei Customer Care solution combines the web service and Java 2 Platform Edition Enterprise Edition (J2EE) to implement the integrated environment compliant with the standard interfaces in that level of technology.

Unified Customer View

Huawei Customer Care solution provides a unified management and service platform for all customers. It displays the stored customer data with 360 degree views, including customer profiles, subscription information, account data, subscriber information etc. The centralized management of customer information can not only provide a unified customer experience, such as inquiry, support and discount to multiple customer service channels, including call centers, web portals, shops, interactive voice responses (IVRs) and SMSs. Regardless of which channel is applied for the specified customer, operators can provide the same information and service. In addition, the customer service representative (CSR) can benefit from a unified customer view which can provide a better understanding of customers with the purpose to maintaining, enhancing and improving long-term customer relationships. 

Applications & Benefits

Huawei Customer Care solution is being utilized by many of the top global operators, including Teletalk in Bangladesh, B-Mobile in Brunei, Camshin/Mfone in Cambodia, Mobile8/NTL in Indonesia, ETL in Laos, OMC in Singapore, Ncell in Nepal, Solomon Telekom in Solomon, Novator in Iceland, , Ufone in Pakistan, Bravo in Saudi Arabia, , BMobile in Yemen, EritreaTel in Eritrea, and MTN in Cote d’lvoire.

In December, 2006, Telfort Netherlands applied Huawei Customer Care solution to simplify its network greatly, position its market accurately, improve the efficiency of customer service, accelerate time-to-market for new products and reduce OPEX by 30%, eventually becoming a typical successful model in the European market.

In August 2005, Sunday /PCCW in Hong Kong commercialized Huawei Customer Care solution to support its full 3G business and services.

In 2006, branches of China Mobile including Shandong, Hebei, Guangdong, Hubei and Ningxia, adopted Huawei Customer Care solution in succession to fulfill the strategic objectives of low-cost and high-efficiency comprehensive customer management.