Antenna Modernization

Driven by the rapid development of MBB, antenna systems will play a key role in unleashing MBB network potential. The addition of new frequency bands, the development of MIMO, and the wide application of multi-sector network will require the support of antenna systems.

Huawei is launching a series of innovative active and passive antenna solutions to ensure smooth network evolution, sustained capacity expansion, and fast network implementation, helping operators implement Antenna 2020 and paving the way for MBB 2020.

Technical Topic

Capacity Boost Technology

MIMO and multi-beam technology can help operators to enhance network capacity.

Slim Design Technology

Using dipole reuse technology, the maximum width of the antenna can be reduced by 50%, to achieve invisible upgrade.

Multi-Band & Ultra-Broadband Antenna

Multi-band & ultra-broadband antenna can solve the problem of site space limitation and reduce the overall cost of investment.

EasyRET Solution

EasyRET applies an innovative plug and play RET solution to improve RET system reliability and enhance deployment efficiency.