Refarming Planning & Optimization

With the exponential growth in MBB services, it places enormous demand on the need to expand the capacity of the MBB sites with the available spectrum resources. Most often, there is a dire need to acquire additional spectrum to fulfill the demand in capacity growth. Spectrum auction prices are very expensive in principle; hence operators need to maximize the available spectrum resources for better utilization. In order to accelerate the 3G&4G network TTM, Huawei provides refarming services solution design, which includes the utilization of spectrum resources evaluation, traffic migration, buffer zone design, frequency re-planning, automatic cell planning and many more interesting functionalities. The service solution continues to mature due to global projects delivery and can help customers improve spectrum resource utilization, network smooth & fast evolution and business success.

Customer Value

Stable KPI

Cell level traffic migration & optimization

Buffer Zone Site Number Reduction

MR based buffer zone design with 25% site number reduction

More Options by Non-Standard Spectrum Bands

Industry first UMTS 3.8MHz spectrum design

Improve Spectrum Utilization

Tight frequency re-use and planning with over 30% utilization improvement

Technical Topics

Huawei's Refarming Service Solution Continuously Improves Network Spectrum Efficiency

As the MBB era is fast approaching the number of users continues to grow, intelligent terminals become increasingly popular, data service consumption rates increase, and more spectrum resources are required to match the growing demand.

GL1800 Refarming: A Cost-Effective Way to Win in MBB

Spectral resources are not inexhaustible, a fact that is becoming increasingly obvious as demand for them keeps growing. This is requiring operators to conduct proper planning for and use these resources efficiently.

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