X-Haul: Building a 5G-Ready Transport Network

Huawei X-Haul provides a full-coverage solution for backhaul and fronthaul. In the backhaul scenario, Huawei released the industry's first 5G router that supports cost-effective 50GE access ring networking and is compatible with 100GE. In the scenario without fiber access, Huawei launches the industry's first 5G microwave solution to achieve 10GE to the site. In the fronthaul scenario, Huawei released the industry's first 100G outdoor WDM, saving 90% fiber resources.

In addition, Huawei X-Haul centrally orchestrates IP, optical, and microwave through the Network Cloud Engine. Based on unified service model, such as Segment Routing/EVPN, is introduced at the device layer, Network Cloud Engine can realize full life-cycle automatic management of the transport network. In addition, the FlexE (flexible Ethernet) technology is used to implement end-to-end network slicing, thereby helping operators quickly innovate new services.

Customer Value

Capacity Ready

Smooth evolution 10GE→ 50GE→100GE in access layer, and 100GE→400GE in aggregation layer

Architecture Ready

Segment routing/EVPN Unified Protocol, SRv6 Evolution, Network Slicing Guarantees Service Quality

Clock Ready

Atom GPS saves 70% clock deployment costs, automatic time synchronization planning and quick faults. location

Intelligence Ready

Automatic service provisioning, network SLA self-optimization, and network self-decision-making

Technical Topics

Huawei Released 50G PAM4 Technical White Paper Together with Industry Partners

At the Optinet China Conference 2018, Huawei successfully held the 50G PAM4 industry forum and released 50G PAM4 technical white paper together with industry partners. PAM4 technology helps reduce per-bit transmission costs, serving as an important option for end-to-end 5G transport networks.

EANTC Talks on 50GE FlexE Testing

Huawei is the first vendor to complete independent third-party testing of 50GE FlexE for 5G networks. Carsten Rossenhövel, CTO at European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC), describes the test process and results.

X-Haul for 5G Leadership

X-Haul incorporates various technologies to help carriers evolve live networks to 5G transport networks. Find out how it works.

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