MBB Fundamental Network

The Huawei MBB Fundamental Network Solution research combines industry-leading technologies with advanced Huawei comprehensive technical solutions, committed to solve problems of network congestion, insufficient spectrums, and difficult site acquisition in the MBB era. Huawei proposes 6-Sector, Lean GU900, GU Modernization, UMTS Dual-HD experience Solution, and best UMTS voice solutions to reach network potentials, improve user experience, and help carriers provide seamless MBB fundamental networks.

Customer Value

MBB Penetration Increasing

MBB penetration is increased to promote the smooth evolution towards MBB networks

Capacity Improving

Advanced technologies maximize network Capacity

Coverage Enhancing

Coverage enhancement is studied from multiple angles

Related Solutions

Lean GU900 Seamless Coverage Solution

With lower costs and higher spectral efficiency, the Lean GU900 resolves issues of the golden 900 MHz spectrum evolution strategy.

UMTS Best Voice Solution

The Best UMTS Voice Solution combines new wireless network technologies and Huawei advanced solutions to help carriers improve the quality of voice services.

GU Modernization Solution

By reconstructing legacy GU devices, the GU Modernization helps carriers lower network OPEX and improve network quality, with smooth network evolution.

6 Sector Capacity Enhance solution

By splitting a traditional 120° sector into two horizontal 60° sectors, the 6-Sector Solution helps carriers greatly improve network capacity without acquiring new sites and spectrums.

UMTS Dual-HD Experience Solution

The UMTS experience enhancement solution enables carriers to smoothly evolve from 3G to 4G over the existing hardware and to provide a 4G-like experience by software optimization.