WTTx, Instant Fiber Opens A New Era

WTTx (Wireless to the x) is a Huawei wireless broadband access solution to provide broadband services for the household market. This solution adopts 4G and 4.5G technologies providing fiber-like household broadband access to resolve last mile access problems encountered in traditional broadband solutions and allow more households to enjoy broadband services. At the same time, WTTx boasts wide coverage, fast deployment, low costs, and extreme user experience. This allows mobile operators to shorten their network deployment period, save network deployment costs, and shorten ROI. WTTx has become the first step into the household broadband market for mobile operators.

Business Value

Shorten ROI by 3 years

WTTx and FTTx mixed construction can speeds up broadband deployment and shorten ROI 3 years

Short TTM

The E2E WTTx solution features fast deployment and number allocation, significantly shortening the TTM

Fiber-Like Access Rate

Compared with the traditional WBB and xDSL solutions, WTTx increases user speed over 10 times

Extreme User Experience

4.5G helps WTTx to provide true fiber-like experience, it can reach 1Gbps ultimate rate

Industry Perspective

WTTx Opens A New Era of Wreless Broadband

There are almost one billion households that do not have broadband access. WTTx can allow rapid network deployment at a low cost to provide fiber-class broadband services for households.

WTTx Opens A New Era of Mobile Broadband Connection

WTTx technology capable of providing fiber-like speeds is an ideal solution to bring broadband connectivity to the estimated 61% of APAC households that still lack internet access.

Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards for WTTx

Huawei and leading Philippine telco Globe Telecom have won the Wireless Infrastructure Innovation award from the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards held at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in London.

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WTTx, Innovative Broadband Solution for Household

WTTx allows operators to meet the demands of broadband access in the era of big data and to open a new era for home broadband.