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70% of external information comes from human eyes. The efficiency of video transmission is the geometric ratio than voice and writing. Video is becoming a mainstream way for people to get and share information, and also a new business opportunity for telecom operators. Video will bring billions of dollars for the ICT industry market. In 2020, it is expected that 85% of the data traffic will come from video, video will become a new basic business for telecom operators.

In the coming big video era, Huawei believes that video is an absolute demand of people's life, it will bring your life completely new premium experience. Huawei is committed to Build a Better Connected World in which billions of people and tens of billions of terminals are connected through video. Huawei devotes itself to be a constructer of positive cycle of video ecosystem, an open, converged platform maker and an experience standard promoter. While helping operators achieve video business success, Huawei promotes open cooperation and joint innovation across the entire ecosystem of video industry, to work together to build a flourishing video ecosystem, to achieve a shared business success.

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Win Video, Win All

Video will become a basic service for telecom operators. Operators have huge strengths and opportunities which will help them to monetize video services. Huawei is working with strategic video partners around the world to support operators to success in their video business.