Digitized Operations

Continuous advancements of new technologies, such as 5G, NFV/SDN and NB-IoT, and the evolution from traditional telecommunication networks and IT infrastructures to a fully integrated ICT infrastructure, are bringing new challenges to the telecom industry. Operators must also become agile in order to deliver new services quickly into the market, such as HD video, Enterprise Cloud VPN, Cloud Services, Digital Services, requiring the operations to be more digitally enabled. Additionally, the greater demands from the end users and their service experience expectations, drives the operator need to enhance the entire life cycle of customer experience management.

Facing these mounting challenges and pressure, operators must urgently respond by initiating a Digitized operation transformation program. HUAWEI developed the triple A blueprint to ensure operators can succeed in their transformation journey. It includes key aspects of All online, full Automation, and Analysis & Intelligence, which can be accessed using the OWS unified cloud based Digitized operations platform.

OWS (Operation Web Services) was launched by HUAWEI in 2014 to solve the current and future operation issues. After three years of practical application in more than 130 networks in the world, OWS successfully assists operators in achieving the following in operations:

  •  Transparent & Measurable Field Operation
  •  Automation Embedded Operation
  •  Accelerate FTTX Provisioning & Operation
  •  Simplified Virtualized Network Operation
  •  Network Performance Assurance
  •  Predictive & Proactive Operation

Business Value

Enable new growth

To support the new services commercial launch, OWS enable the operators with the ability to transform from a CSP (Communication Service Provider) to a DSP (Digital Service Provider)

Realize new operations

OWS helps operators build automated operations process, which is powered by big data and artificial intelligence. The operations will be initially focused on the swift response to resolving an issue, but continue to evolve to predicting issues and becoming less dependent on manual human processes realizing a more risk averse operations. The new operations will be an ICT converged, agile and efficient, automatic and intelligent operations.

Digitized workforce

OWS micro service structure and DevOps model enable operators to digitize their operations and empower the engineers to develop capabilities, taking them from issue resolution to process orchestration.

Enable ecosystem

Establish an open developer’s ecosystem for internal Huawei developers, third parties, operators and ISV/DSVs. It encourages and promotes industrial development on future innovations in our leading win-win ecosystem.

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