Intent-Driven Network Unleashes the Power of Ultra-Broadband

The forthcoming intelligent world will present new opportunities for the development of ultra-broadband. The number of video users has increased significantly, and millions of enterprises are migrating to the cloud. Leading countries have released timetables for 5G commercial deployment. However, many carrier networks still lack agile operation systems. They are hard to maintain, and rely on only a small number of security features for protection, which makes it difficult to support the future development of business where uncertainties are rife.

To this end, Huawei has launched the Intent-driven Network (IDN), to help operators address future business uncertainties. IDN has three key features: intelligent, simplified, and super fast.

Business Value


Intelligent business operations and network O&M, from automatic to adaptive, and ultimately to autonomous


Network resource as a platform to achieve simplified architecture, protocol, and topology


Ultra-broadband redefined to encompass ultra-low latency, ultra-high bandwidth, and massive connections

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