Cloud Network Convergence

The cloud can serve as the unified platform and portal for carrier B2B services. Cloud-network synergy supports one-stop new B2B services that integrate the cloud, networks, and X, helping carriers build competitive strengths and develop new business models. This will enable new growth in B2B services and open up a new era for B2B

Industry Perspective

Business Value
  • Agile Services and Good Experience

    Deliver agile, good experience ICT services to enterprise and government customers, accelerate digital transformation of industries

  • Cloud Network Convergence

    Promoting network with cloud, promoting cloud with network


China Unicom SD-UTN Intelligent Leased Line: Facilitating Digital Transformation for Enterprises

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Studies have shown that 91% of new software in the next 5 years will be applicable to cloud computing. Data center’s network traffic will grow dramatically.

Huawei SD-WAN solution provides enterprises with all-scenario and on-demand interconnection between branches, between branches and data centers, and between branches and the cloud, achieving hybrid WAN, hybrid application, and hybrid cloud.