Unlocking Consumer Mobility Business

Huawei's B2C individual mobile business solution accelerates user migration as well as traffic and value monetization, and combines AI and BI to ensure precise traffic forecast and network investment planning. It is ideal for carriers looking to increase revenue and maximize ROI efficiency.

  • Better investment efficiency

    Maximize spectrum asset value by increasing spectrum efficiency. Precise site deployment, simplify site acquisition, restructure site TCO, shorten ROI, and improve investment efficiency

  • Energized revenue growth

    Accelerate user migration, ensure value user experience, and maximize user value. Create new revenue growth points with innovative digital services

  • Continuous site OPEX savings

    Build simple, reliable, and efficient Smart Sites using the concept of digitalization, networking, and intelligence. Enable automatic O&M, site modernization, and comprehensive reduction in site OPEX

Success Stories

Industry Perspective

Huawei and World Bank discuss creating an “enabling environment” to drive digital connectivity to connect the unconnected

Huawei – Mohamed Madkour, VP Marketing and Strategy and The World Bank- Doyle Gallogos, Global Lead Broadband Access for All discuss the economic and social impact of Digital Connectivity and to create an “enabling environment” to connect the unconnected, end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity.

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Telecom Italia: Antenna Evolution from 4G to 5G

Antenna evolution from 4G to 5G of Telecom Italia, one antenna should integrate the all 4G frequencies, so to save space and to install the 5G antenna in the same pole on the same sites.

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Accelerating Broadband Development in Emerging Markets

Huawei’s Zhou Jianjun tells ITU Telecom World 2017 about effective approaches, notably investment-friendly regulations and right-of-way and infrastructure sharing policies.

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Building Better Connected Emerging Markets

Huawei’s Zhou Jianjun talks about the emerging opportunities in these markets at the 2017 Asia Pacific Emerging Market Summit.

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Understand Enpowered Consumers

Forrester’s Xiaofeng Wang shares an in-depth analysis on the five key ways that empowered consumers are evolving.

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